Honestly, first date questions to me shouldn't be so cliché anymore. It's 2018, going on 2019, and the world is getting so much more.... hmm... "debatey."

People are finding things to disagree with and argue about, and it causes people to lose friendships and relationships between partners and family members.

I think it's super important that people find out what their partners are passionate about. What they think and feel in their souls. People should be asking critical thinking questions on first dates instead of "what's your favorite color," or "what's your favorite place to eat/shop/go."

People should ask questions that are important to them, like:

  • how do you feel about abortions?
  • what do you think about our president?
  • what's your take on transgenders?

Just things that would tell you a lot about that person by their answer to those things. The usual things people ask on first dates are mainly little details that can be asked later on in the relationship or even noticeable as time goes on.

If you really want to get to know someone, ask deep questions like that. Not only that, if you both are alike with your answers, it could be a good way to bond. Those questions can spark up so many sub-conversations that will have you talking for HOURS on in. Even if you're still on one main question lol.

DISCLAIMER: If you can't handle an opposing opinion, I don't recommend asking these questions on a first date. Your defensiveness could cause you to look unattractive before you even get to tell why you disagree. I would recommend you working on yourself before you try to date actually.


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