Hey, guys! Through my time on WeHeartIt, I've seen the 30 Day Writing Challenge in so many places. Though I've never participated in one myself, I wanted to write my own. So, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Before I continue, I want to lead with this. I've never seen what any of the other 30 Day Writing Challenges have in them, so if any of the things in mine match the others, it is completely coincidental.


Day 1: A short story.

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Write a short story about anything that comes to mind :)

Day 2: A poem.

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Write a poem about whatever you want, and don't stress about it-- you don't have to be the next revolutionary poet :)

Day 3: Three things that make you happy.

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write three things that make you smile :)

Day 4: Three things that make you sad.

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write the things that always bring you a little bit down.

Day 5: Three things that make you angry.

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just let it all out.

Day 6: Your top three favorite songs.

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write about the songs that you always listen to on repeat.

Day 7: Your top three favorite movies.

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write about any movie that you love, love, love.

Day 8: Your top three favorite books .

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write about those books that always drag you into their world.

Day 9: The best piece of advice you've ever given/received.

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write about that thing that always steers you in the right direction.

Day 10: Your favorite time of year and why.

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this can be a holiday, season, or even a specific date. whatever you enjoy the most :)

Day 11: Your Zodiac sign and if it fits you.

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write about your Zodiac sign, and if it's accurate to your personality or not.

Day 12: What you always do when you're bored.

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there's gotta be something, write about that :)

Day 13: Your favorite part of WeHeartIt.

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write about what you love most about this app/site.

Day 14: Your bucket list.

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write about all the things you want to do in your life.

Day 15: Three quotes that you live by.

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write about the three quotes that you love, and try to apply to your life.

Day 16: Three foods that you'll never get tired of.

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write about your three favorite foods.

Day 17: Three popular opinions.

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write about something you believe in that most people do as well.

Day 18: Three unpopular opinions.

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write about those things you don't talk about in real life because no one agrees with you.

Day 19: Something you wish you knew when you were younger.

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write about one thing that you would tell your younger self.

Day 20: Your favorite place that you've traveled to.

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doesn't have to be anywhere fancy, just a place you really love :)

Day 21: Someone you look up to and why.

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write about a person you admire.

Day 22: You favorite color and why.

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what color do you really love?

Day 23: Your personal tips to remain positive.

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what do you do to remain positive?

Day 24: One language you wish you could speak and why.

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what language would you love to speak but can't yet?

Day 25: A place that you'd love to travel to, but not live at.

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any place that you'd like to go to and see, but still be able to come come to your own bed?

Day 26: Three wishes that you would ask a genie for.

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but no wishing for more wishes ;)

Day 27: A motivational for someone who is struggling with a problem that you've overcome.

Image by ⋆ 𝒟 𝒶 𝒾 𝓃 𝓉 𝒾 𝓃 ℯ 𝓈 𝓈 ⋆
write an encouraging letter to someone who is dealing with a problem that you have gotten through and survived.

Day 28: Your dream job and why.

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write about a job that you would love to have and why you would like it.

Day 29: A letter to someone you love.

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write a letter to any loved one, but don't worry about embarrassment-- they don't have to read it unless you show it to them.

Day 30: Good things that have happened to you in these 30 days.

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write all the good and happy things that have happened to you in these 30 days during the challenge.


So, I think that's finally all. This article has been incredibly long, and taken me forever to write, but I wanted to make it as close to perfect as possible. But before you go, here's a few little things:

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And one more final thing, if you do this challenge, please let me know in a message! I'd love to read what you guys have to say :)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this little article, I hope you enjoyed it.

-Ariana x