Hey guys! My name is Marcela and today I'm gonna write the day 7 of "39 Days Writing Challenge". I hope you guys like it and can get to know me better. So let's go...

Day 7: List ten songs you are loving right now.

I'll put in this list some songs that is in my head right now and some brazilians songs to show you guys a little part os my country.

1- Finesse - Bruno Mars feat Cardi B

Image removed old school, finesse, and bruno mars image
In the beginning I didn't like that song with Cardi B but today I lke so much more with her too. I create new strangers sance moves when it plays!

2- Better Now - Post Malone

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I listened this song for the first time with my cousin. I liked so much even it doesn't the style of music I listen too much.

3- Peligrosa - J Balvin

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This song is so dancing and lively! I don't listen too mcuh reggaeton, actually this is not the type of music that plays in Brazil. I think this happens beacause Brazil doesn't speak spanish so that difference impede it plays here. But, I still love this song and I like so much J Balvin and his songs.

4- Girls Like You - Marron 5 feat Cardi B

camila, adam levine, and cabello image marron 5, music is life, and music image
I really like that song! Actually I like all the marron 5's songs in general. And one more time, this song is so much better with Cardi B!

5- Barcelona - Ed Sheeran

Barcelona, divide, and ed sheeran image ed sheeran image
I love Ed Sheeran and this last album is amazing! Barcelona is a difference song and I love it just because of it.

6- I Did Something Bad - Taylor Swift

artist, beautiful, and girls image Taylor Swift and reputation tour image
MY QUEEN TAYLOR! LIGHT ME FUCKING UP! I LOVE Taylor and sincerely I could put all her songs here but these days I'm listening too much this song.

7- Part of Me - Katy Perry

fight, song, and girl power image army, perry, and song image
i know this song is old but I love it. And looking in some playlists I found this one again and I'm listening a lot now.

8- Unforgettable - French Montana feat Swae Lee

french and montana image morroco, french montana, and instagram image
This one I love so much. I don't hear this type of song too but I like so much that!

9- Meu Abrigo - Melim
That is a brazilian song and I'm addicted these days! the name is "my shelter". It is so cute and has a good vibe that i love so much. Please listen to this song.

10- Só Quer Vrau - Mc MM feat DJ RD
This is one os a rymth called funk. This funk is totally different of USA funk. And this funk is a Bella Ciao "parody". the name is"just want vrau (vrau is somehting like an onomatopeia to make sex). PLEASE GUYS LISTEN TO THIS SONG IT IS SO GOOD AND ADDICTED! SERIOUSLY!

So guys, this is my 10 songs I'm loving right now and i hope you like it and could know culture of my country better. Thank you for read my article and for your patience with my english, I'm still learning.
Stay beautiful!