Name: Alex Johnson

Age: 21


kim hyeonggweon image smoke, boy, and black and white image tattoo, asian, and boy image boy, korean, and ulzzang image
freckles, good body with tatoos, wavy hair, brown eyes


Inspiring Image on We Heart It couple, love, and travel image


cigarette, grunge, and smoke image funny, lol, and snapchat image Inspiring Image on We Heart It sarcasm, quotes, and stupid image
Heavy, always smoking, living meme, sarcasm but funny


boy, fashion, and outfit image boy, grunge, and aesthetic image Image by jack ackles boy and ulzzang image


Temporarily removed
gun, flowers, and pink image
Abusive image
aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image

5sos, Guns and roses, Nirvana and Bigbang also Gdragon

Stuff he like to do:

black and white, flowers, and music image beautiful guy, beauty, and cute guy image
Play piano, contemporany dance