boy, glasses, and smile image

Name: Lucas Browne
Nickname: Luc, Lulu and Brownie
Birthday: February 10th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Hey Lulu!
-Ayla to Lucas, 3:32 pm 2018
Hahaha, pleasedon'tcallmelulusoloudly


Temporarily removed boy, ginger, and aesthetic image eye, brown, and eyes image books, free, and glasses image
hair and eyes are brown, uses glasses
Oh, hey! I lost my glasses, I'll be blind all day, thanks
-Lucas, 10:09 am 2018


boots, boy, and handsome image black, shirt, and style image sweater and outfit image boy, black, and outfit image
sweaters, black t-shirts and dark jeans


quotes, cry, and nat wolff image Image removed thinker, grunge, and quotes image fun, phone, and enjoy image
introverted and quite antisocial, but funny and caring with prople he know well. loves to make fun of his friends. really smart. sentimental


cat, animal, and cute image cat, kitten, and cute image cat, kitten, and rose image cat, animal, and cute image
a white cat named Snowy
Snowy pleeease, bring the cold and set me free of that fucking summer!
-Lucas, 4:28 pm 2018


white, game boy, and game image Temporarily removed art, black, and chill image hi, lol, and yes image
video games, read, play the piano, whatch dead vines compilations
You guys have to start watching vines to understand my jokes
-Lucas, 3:16 am 2018


piano, music, and vintage image box, hp, and book image chocolate, food, and sweet image coffee and study image coffee, newspaper, and morning image beautiful, cake, and drink image
piano, harry potter, chocolate, study, journalism, coffee
I need my coffee...
-Lucas, 8:46 am 2018

Best Friends

girl, hair, and style image book, bibliophile, and pin image
Aurora Lacasse
Image by ro girl, aesthetic, and alternative image
Ester Bellucci
Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and coffee image
Ayla Inoue
friends, night, and grunge image book, couple, and boy image couple image Temporarily removed
-Lucas, 11:23 pm 2018


accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image gay and korean boys image couple, gay, and boy image soap, hotel, and funny image
Henry Kim
God, we are the stranger couple ever!
-Lucas, 2:10 pm
Yes, and the prettiest too


book, coffee, and black and white image awesome, girl, and life image cat, cute, and milk image pretty, quotes, and heart image memories, photo, and summer image quotes, think, and different image
5 years and he already drinks coffee everyday, I'm so proud.
-Lucas mom, 9:56 am 2004