Hey Babes!

Happy Monday - well, as happy as a Monday can be...

Day 10; Something you're excited about

Well, I guess I'm excited to graduate from high school. I can't wait to leave the town that I'm in so that I can go off to university. Graduate high school and I never have to see these people again!! That will be awesome, I'm very different from most teenagers in my town so I'm really excited to not have to go to school with them anymore.

I already have my grad dress, and I think I know what I'm doing with my hair. Yes, I know that it's next June and that's a long time from now but I like to plan and I'm just very excited. My dress is white with lot's of gold sparkles, they kind of look like peacock feathers. It's really cool and different from all the other dresses people have bought so far.

Also, I can't to find shoes for my dress. I don't really know what kind of shoes that I want but I think I want sparkles... I guess we'll see

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So this is my current hair inspo for grad... I'll let you guys know what I do in an article after grad!


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