Name: Choe Luna

Age: 20 years old

Birthday: September 15,1998

ulzzang, girl, and aesthetic image asian and korean image girl, ulzzang, and pretty image aesthetic, asian, and asian girl image

Street Fashion:

fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed Temporarily removed clothes, fashion, and outfit image


girl, aesthetic, and korean image Temporarily removed cityscape, dark, and night image asia, beautiful, and blackhair image girl, korean, and ulzzang image aesthetic, asian, and girl image

Award Shows:

dresses, formal, and gowns image dress, fashion, and Prom image dress, fashion, and red image dress, fashion, and model image
She'll keep it classy but will overdress when she wants.


aesthetic, beautiful, and girl image blackpink, lisa, and rose image blackpink, rose, and jennie image lisa, rose, and jennie image


exo and sehun image couple, love, and style image couple, aesthetic, and kiss image sehun, exo, and kpop image


art and theatre image Temporarily removed book and art image aesthetic, art, and theme image
She would enjoy theatre, dancing,writing,traveling,reading books etc.

That's all for now sorry if I dragged this on but I had a lot of fun making this!