hi 🌞

we all have things in common. emotions for example. and right now we might share one emotion - sadness. i always thought sadness was beautiful. not that its in any way a good feeling, or something i wish to be. but its a part of what makes us human. what makes us feel and care. without it we wouldn't be human. so i guess you can say that its completely normal to be sad. and we should not be ashamed of being sad.

i cannot take your sadness away, but i can try to make you feel good about your sadness. that sounds silly, but we all feel sad sometimes. and when im sad, thats usually when i get inspiration, and sometimes i even get a new life perspective.

🌻 1. so the first thing i want you to do is to listen to some music. ill recommend you some, but if you have a favorite song which makes you feel really calm - i want you to listen to it.

but here are my recommendations;

saturn - sleeping at last
anchor - novo amor
holocene - bon iver
the night we met - lord huron
big black car - gregory alan isakov
ellie goulding - vincent(cover)

🌻 2. now you're listening to the music, and i want you to just take a minute to just concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes, and just listen to some music. try to not think of anything else, just your breath and the music.

great! if you've come this far im so happy for you. you´re really trying to make yourself feel better, and thats great. thats a really great quality. i´ve gathered some pictures for you, and i want you to read them.

quotes, inspiration, and hope image
this is so important. being sad cleanses you, because it releases the thoughts in your head and puts them into emotion. its good to cry too. i sometimes think of it as sneezing, it feels so good once its out of my body haha. rain is normal, so is feeling sad.
cat, animal, and cute image
how precious. i always feel a bit better after watching cute animals, they're so pure and innocent. unfortunately i have a severe allergy to cats though, but i still love them. ^^
forest, inspiration, and green image
nature. whenever you feel like you cant handle the world anymore, i always try to take a hike in the nature. fresh air can do a lot for the mind.
inspirational, quote, and self love image
always be kind to yourself and others.
fire, winter, and cozy image nature, forest, and tree image cat, yellow, and quotes image book and harry potter image
just a peaceful collection.

🌻 3. Im so happy for you, you've gotten far. i know its just an article, but wanting to make yourself better truly is a great achievement when being sad.

now i want you to make yourself something good to eat or drink. choose whatever you'd like, but your body really needs energy when you're feeling a bit sad. low blood sugar can even be a reason for your sadness, so make yourself something you like and find yourself a blanket and return.

you're almost done! ^^ now i want you to escape from this world a bit. i want you to either start watching your favorite movie, or read in a book. take a break from social media and escape a bit. its great for mind and soul.

autumn, harry potter, and fall image

🌻 4. im so glad! i really hope you're feeling a bit better. the mind can be a scary place sometimes, so its really important to just take a break and escape. its great how small things can make us feel better. its comforting. thank you for reading all of this, and thank you for letting me try to comfort. be kind to yourself ✨

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