Hi guuuys, well I think most of us have had a broken heart, and I know it´s kinda difficult. When I have my first broken heart was so difficult for me, and I searched many different ways to forget him and I found somethings that help me a lot. This ones are 5 ways to forget that idiot who broke your heart:

1. Make a list of the things you don´t like from he/she: Most of the time we use to remember and think just the beautiful things from that person, thinking about the Weaknesses will help you to see that person is not perfect.

2. Distract yourself: Doing activities, working, reading, distract your mind is a good way to stop thinking about one person.

3. Cry, yes I know this is kinda stupid but let off steam is part of the recuperation, take out all your feeling will help

4. Take advantage to become a better person, he/she lost you, now show them that they lost the best person they have ever had in life. Show them you are fine, show them the best of you.

5. Let time pass: this one is the best, I know it is hard but you just have to keep being strong, time will cure all your hurts.

Honey, is not easy to have a broken heart, but you can paste it just by yourself and this is just a little advice: Please don´t use a person to heal your heart, this is always a bad idea. Your heart is gonna heal, I promise.

Love u guys <3