Day 5: about a movement you support

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Our world is full with colours,
so delightful and full of wonders.

But if you can not open up your eyes,
don't stop believe in our society's lies,
can't see that there are more important things, than our bodies shape and size,
then you won't be able to understand what it all implies.

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We are more than just our bodies,
they only made to carry our undefinable souls,
so why does it matter how they look,
what size and shade or gender they took?.

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And if you can see it, look through the armor of skin and flesh and bones,
look up from your social media on your Smartphones,
then you see how miserable we treat those who are just showing their true colors,
the ones who just want to love one another.


Hello you people on weheartit,
I don't really know what movement I want to describe in this strange Poem of mine. I want you to know that our world has so much to offer, that your body doesn't define you and that it's also important to look up and Change something About the way we treat others, just because the are different from the rest of our society.
I hope you liked it, and if you do, it would be really nice if you heart or react to this article.

xoxo Sunny

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