Brutally honest Movie reviews, remember that these are just my opinions and that you might not agree with all of them.
(It's a long list beware)

The "child friendly ones"

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The Nightmare before Christmas 9.8/10 spooked me when I was little, literally couldn't watch it with the lights off, loved the iconic music. Honestly I only took .2 off because of the oogie boogie/santa scene that always grossed me out. So if you haven't seen this movie what are you doing with your life? (nah j.k but like for real)
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Hocus Pocus 7/10 A lot of people are gonna hate me for this one but oh well, I really liked the movie the first and second time I watched it, but honestly I've watched it so many times it kind of started to get annoying. Freeform definitely over hyped it. Besides that it was good, I really liked the plot and I def recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it (just don't over play it lol)
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Halloweentown (2,3 and 4) 100/10 I adored these movies, can re-watch every single one of them and not get tired. But to be honest it's not a movie you watch to get spooked so I do not recommend it for people that want to be scared, I do however recommend it to anyone looking to watch a Halloween movie with your family. Honestly a classic
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The Addams Family (1 and 2) ughh a classic of course. The first one I'll give and 8/10 and the second i'll give a 10/10. Some people disagree but I just found the second one to be more interesting (also most of the iconic Wednesday quotes came for the second one) I liked how the movie can be funny without even trying to be with all the sarcastic re marks. (Also can we all agree that Morticia and Gomez's relationship is goals)
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Coraline 9/10 as a kid I couldn't get myself to watch it. I'm not sure if I was just bored of it or it was because I was scared but now I thoroughly enjoy it and the underlying messages behind it. Also mr. Bobinsky was one slim thicc bih 🤑🤤✊🏼
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Edward Scissorhands 8 and a half/10 only seen this movie twice loved it both times I've watched it. But this movie honestly made me really sad even though I don't think it was supposed to be a sad movie. Like the tragic love story were he couldn't even hold Kim ooooh my gosh. Oh and that one scene were that lady was putting makeup on Edward's face gave me ASMR lol.
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Monster House 5/10 only seen it once all the way through, honestly I found it pretty boring as a little kid and now, so yeah. A lot of people really liked it and some call it there fav but it was never really my cup of tea.
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Beetlejuice 9/10 another iconic Tim Burton (honestly they all are) Iooooved it, iconic I swear when I was little I use to repeat Beetlejuice so many times wishing he would show up. Perfect combination of funny and scary like its not too comedic were it ruins the movie (like all of Scary Movie) and it's not too creepy so it's also kid- friendly.
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Twitches 10/10 loved it when I was little still do now I still remember most of the lines from the movie, if you're a parent and want to show you kids some non-scary Halloween movies should absolutely add this one to the list.
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Rocky Horror Picture show (I didn't really know were to put this one it's child friendly right? probably not oh well) 100000/10 i LOVELOVELOVE this movie no one can change my mind. The music? BOPS. The characters? ICONS. The message? Beautifulll. The whole movie? A CLASSIC. Hotel? TRIVAGO ok i'm sorry i just had to add that in.

Okay moving on sorry if I missed your favorite.

The actual scary movies

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Texas Chainsaw massacre 4/10 I think this was the first scary movie I ever watched, scared me for days but now I think it's pretty boring. Don't really remember it that much so I can't really give a detailed description soooo I'll just move on.
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The Saw series 1000/10 haven't seen these movies in a min but they were the movies that got me into scary movies in the first place, you know what I mean? I just want everyone to watch so I can rant about them to a lot of people and get different opinions.
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The Shining 6/10 what can I say about this movie? Some people love it and call it a classic some people hate it and call it overrated. In my personal opinion It never scared me, just one of those creepy movies get under your skin for a little while.
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Friday the 13th 6.3/10 not scary, but I found it to be fun so if your looking to watch something with some new friends I reccommend it
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Cabin in the woods 7/10 It may seem like a typical slasher film , but it was so much more twisted and complicated than that.
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The Strangers 10/10 I was constantly entertained throughout the whole movie,amazing performance. Def a good movie to watch on Halloween!
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The Babadook 9.5/10 Gave me chills, very scary plot I literally didn't want to read a children's book for like 2 weeks. I find that it was really underrated, it makes me sad.
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Carrie 8.8/10 again another classic, I always found myself feeling sorry for Carrie having a mother like that and being bullied by practically all of her classmates,butttt i'm not gonna sit here and excuse that whole mass murder scenario oof.
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Child's Play 1/10 I haaaated these chucky movies, they never were scary to me even when I was little. I just don't have anything good to say about this one.

Honorable mentions
Paranormal Activity 3.8/10 eh I thought it was overrated and I really didn't find it scary, well maybe if your like 10 and afraid of the dark.

Sixth Sense 7.7/10 Another classic everyone should watch it at least once in their life.

Casper 9/10

The Exorcist -100/10 (don't even wanna explain it)

Ghostbusters 7.3/10

Get out 8/10

aaaaand the end hopefully I got one of you to add atleast one movie to your list.