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demon, red, and neon image Devil, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black, and blood image heart, red, and aesthetic image red, chaos, and quotes image Temporarily removed
the ram
color : red - it represents energy, passion, lust, fire, blood, intensity
element : fire
ruler : mars "the Red Planet"
strengths : confident, brave, optimistic, passionate
weaknesses : moody, impulsive, impatient


flowers, hands, and nature image animal, deer, and bambi image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It animal, flowers, and deer image flowers, girl, and green image
the bull
color : green and pink - these colors represent nature, earth, feminity but also Taurus' interest in gardening, nature and romance.
element : earth
ruler : Venus
strengths : devoted, patient, reliable
weaknesses : stubborn, uncompromising, possessive


couple, aesthetics, and boy image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image aesthetic, orange, and peach image Temporarily removed architecture, photography, and birds image orange, aesthetic, and building image
the twins
color : yellow - it symbolizes happiness, warmth, positivity and optimism
element : air
ruler : Mercury (warmest planet)
strengths : gentle, affectionate, curious
weaknesses : indecisive, nervous, superficial


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Image by trulli quotes, touch, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
the crab
color : white, grey, icy blue - these colors inspire purity, clean and minimalism
element : water
ruler : Moon
strengths : tenacious, loyal, creative
weaknesses : suspicious, manipulative, insecure


boy, fashion, and girl image gold, angel, and aesthetic image aesthetic and gold image glitter, gold, and necklace image Image removed Temporarily removed
the lion
color : gold - it symbolizes class, justice, royalty and wealth
element : fire
ruler : The Sun
strengths : passionate, generous, warm-hearted
weaknesses : stubborn, self-centered, lazy


aesthetic, flowers, and pink image beautiful, beauty, and art image pink, makeup, and aesthetic image Abusive image Image by ʏᴇᴡá aesthetic, theme, and drink image
the virgin
color : white, beige, pink - these colors symbolize purity, feminity, softness and gentleness
element : earth
ruler : mercury
strengths : analytical, kind, hardworking
weaknesses : shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others


2000s, aesthetic, and bratz image pink, aesthetic, and care bears image beautiful, lolita, and shoes image Image by #Cecilia aesthetic, alternative, and eye image pink, aesthetic, and vintage image
the scales
color : pink - symbolizes feminity and softness
element : air
ruler : Venus
strengths : diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded
weaknesses : indecisive, self-pity


burgundy, baby, and dark red image Temporarily removed makeup, aesthetic, and theme image gold, grunge, and mocha image colour, maroon, and purple image red, aesthetic, and drink image
the scorpion
color : black - symbolizes mystery and Scorios' ability to transform themselves, as this color is often associated with death and rebirth
element : water
ruler : Pluto/Mars
strengths : brave, passionate, a true friend
weaknesses : jealous, secretive, violent


pink, purple, and neon image Temporarily removed neon, aesthetic, and purple image aesthetic, purple, and neon image lights, purple, and station image water, aesthetic, and pool image
the archer
color : purple - symbolizes spirituality, openness, awareness
element : fire
ruler : Jupiter
strengths : generous, idealistic, great sense of humor
weaknesses : promises more than can deliver, impatient, undiplomatic


book, vintage, and candle image hand, portrait, and detail image Image removed night, aesthetic, and black image hell, heaven, and quotes image tea, flowers, and aesthetic image
the goat
color : brown - symbolizes solidity, reliablity and traditionalism
element : earth
ruler : Saturn
strengths : responsible, disciplined, self-control
weaknesses : unforgiving, condescending, pessimistic


Temporarily removed aesthetic, water, and theme image aesthetic, window, and sky image beach, aesthetic, and blue image waves, ocean, and sea image gold, aesthetic, and blue image
the water-bearer
color : blue - calming, stimulates creativity as Aquarius are generally into art
element : air
ruler : Uranus : this planet is all blue
strengths : original, independent, humanitarian
weaknesses : temperamental, uncompromising, aloof


bubbles, grunge, and aesthetic image fish, pale, and grunge image blonde, bow, and clothes image makeup image Temporarily removed earrings and pink image
the fishes
color : lavender - dreamy color, as Pisces are often seen as dreamers
element : water
ruler : Neptune
strengths : artistic, gentle, wise
weaknesses : Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality


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Sources : I took informations from https://www.tarot.com/astrology ; https://cafeastrology.com , https://www.refinery29.com
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