You know what frustrates me? Spending time on people that would not do the same for you...
I realised how much I do for other people, all the fucking time, yet when I need someone to just be there for me, there is absolutely no one.. and it fucking hurts..
Like, is that too much to ask??? And then also I have a boy that tell me that he loves me only when he is drunk, like, get away from me then, I am not a toy that you can pick up whenevr you are bored and drop whenever you get tired of it... He thinks that I am going to wait for him?? We literally live 10 minutes away from each other, he has a car, yet we never see each other, but whenever his friends call him, he is there asap...

I am sorry
but I am not an object,
hard and made of plastic,
I am a human,
made of flesh and elastic
skin that breaks whenever
you touch it..
I am not a toy or a pill
that you can take whenever you are
bored or ill, but rather I am a human
that you can, if you nurture me,
get everything you wanted or even more,
without even asking...
So don't treat me as object, toy or a pill,
treat me as a human, beacuse I am it.