Hello world

This is my very first article. I saw a post about the improvement of ourself. I always tell myself to don't care about ideals, no matter if it comes to beauty, body or intelligence. Just try to be you.
But still I'd like to improve myself and I feel like this is only possible, when you set yourself goals. I want to be more productive, eat healthier and get my room organised. And I'd love to get in form for next summer just to feel good and comfortable. So let's start a 30day-Challenge today!
But most of all, I'd like to step over my fear of being in a relationship. To not see love as an enemy but a friend is my highest goal but I don't always feel sure if I really want to achieve to be loved. I'm afraid of losing my freedom.
But let's start with goals which are easier to achieve and I will report my improvement, even if it works or not, here on We heart it.
I'm not sure if someone reads this but that's okay. Because I'd like to share my emotions and I do this for myself and no one else.

Maybe till next time ..