Hey everybody!
I wrote you a long time ago, I'm sorry, but I was busy with school. So.. Yeah... I hope you all doing well! One more thing before we start: I had made a change on my schedule in posting these blog post. So, I used to post only on Sundays, but from now on I will post once a week, and I don't know for sure which day, but when I have time, I will.
So,let's begin!

1.) Swimming pools or sea?

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I have never swam in a sea unfortunately, but I'd really want to one day. I love swimming pools beside that.

2.)Call or text

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I'm a text person. I feel insecure when I have to talk over the phone with someone. So I only talk on phone with a few people.

3.)Shower:morning or evening

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I quitly never take a shower in the morning, I usually shower after I have done everything,so 8-9 p.m.

4,)Truth or dare?

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Truth, because being honest isn't a challenge for me, but Daring is more exciting so I choose that quite often.

5.)Hardwood or carpet?

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Personally, I love hardwood with a few carpets! But I really don't like when it's just carpet.

6.)Bright colors or neutral tones?

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I was always a neutral tones-lover kind of girl. I only use for example Nude colors when it comes to doing my makeup.

7.)Picnic or nice restaurant?

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Picnic, because it's much cheaper and more informative, so we can do whatever we want, and don't have to whisper and be polite with the waitresses.

8.)Fiction or non-fiction?

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Both. I really like non-fiction but sometimes it's good to escape reality.

9.) Smoking or non-smoking?

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I have never tried smoking, so non-smoking.I think smoking is an addiction which is really unnecessary and can cost you an Arm and a Leg, so why do it?

10.)TV shows or movies?

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TV shows! I watch quite a lot of them if I have time. But I really enjoy watching moovies too.

11.) Long or short hairs?

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I have a strong feeling for long hair on myself. I have had short hair for years and years,and I didn't like the way it is. But it can look good on people,but not on me...

12.)Nike or Adidas?

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I'm a Converse girl, but I have a Nike shoe, which I love so if i have to choose:Nike.

13.)Nyc or L.A?

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I truly want to go to both places! So.... Yeah. honestly I can't decide!

14.)Black or white?

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Black is the best! I like white as well,but black is one of my most liked color.

15.)Pasta or pizza?

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Pizza! I can eat it all the time!

16.)Gucci or Channel?

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I'm not a rich-bitch sooooo I don't know neither.

17.) Sun or Moon?

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I kind of like both.... But the moon is much more appealing to me.

18.)Samsung or Iphone?

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Samsung. Again.... I'm not a rich person. So throwing out that much money is not my thing.

19.)Phone or computer?

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Phone. I can do almost everything on it, but I don't know what I would do without my laptop.

20.)Blue or green eyes?

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Uhmm. I prefer brown eyes. But green eyes and blue eyes are both looks like.

21.)McDonalds or Burger King?

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McDonald's! That was my childhood too! I only eat at Burger King frequently.

22.)Books or magazines?

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Books are perfect! I used to read magazines too when I was a child.

23.)Skate or Bike?

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I always wanted to learn how to skate. But I have never learned it, sooo bike.

24.)Pandas or Whales?

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Pandas. How can they be that cute? OMG! I love them soooo much!

So. That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed it!
I will write a new blogpost next week!
Until then,
Kisses and Bye