Hello everyone !

Last year, I started going to university, and I rented an apartment. I live in a medium-sized city in France, which was a powerful fortified city in the medieval era. The city has grown since then, but the city center remains historic, and my building, a former farmhouse, was built in the 16th century.

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The whole building belonged to a doctor, who used the first two floors for medical practices, and the third floor had four student flats, plus an attic above. It was a very old building, there were exposed beams in my apartment, a floor that squeaks ... I loved the charm of the old.

My best friend lived in the apartment next to mine, and my other neighbor was a boy of my age. The tenant of the third apartment was always at her boyfriend's house, so never there.

The day my best friend and I moved in, the owner of the building told us that the boy was not there yet, he was going to move next week. The other neighbor greeted us and explained that she was going to her boyfriend, so my best friend and I were alone in the building for the night.

We were super excited, we went out for a drink in a bar, then we watched girls' movies at her house, before I went home to sleep.

This is where things started to take a frightening turn.

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As I fell asleep, lying in bed and my brain slightly clouded by alcohol, I saw a creature in one corner of the room.

He stared at me. Curled up on himself, looking petty. His legs were horrible, hairy, wide and his feet huge. His head was huge, his belly swollen. It was not human. He seemed to be suffering and being bad.

I stopped watching him, raising myself suddenly to turn on the light. When I turned around, there was nothing left.

I want to clarify that I was not sleeping, I had just gone to bed and I thought about the evening. However, I had drunk. Not so much, but I decided that this vision was related to the stress of moving mixed with alcohol.

If I had known what was going on the following weeks, I would have been more distressed ... Because monsters never lose their prey.

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