1. This Is Gospel -Panic! at the Disco

fear, panic! at the disco, and this is gospel image P!ATD image

2. Cry Baby -The Neighbourhood

alternative, cry baby, and feelings image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

3. Single -The Neighbourhood

single, theneighbourhood, and mygirl image background, black and white, and screensaver image

4. R.I.P. 2 My Youth -The Neighbourhood

quotes, saint, and sinner image aesthetic, text, and the neighbourhood image

5. Remembering Sunday -All Time Low + Juliet Simms

all time low, fog, and grunge image all time low, Lyrics, and remembering sunday image

6. It Ain't Me -Kygo + Selena Gomez

Image by 𝒏𝒂𝒃𝒂あ Inspiring Image on We Heart It

7. Sign of the Times -Harry Styles

hs, Harry Styles, and album image sea, wallpapers, and lockscreen image

8. The Night We Met -Lord Huron

night, quotes, and 13 reason why image couple, lyrcis, and thirteen reasons why image

9. Game of Survival -Ruelle

ruelle, spotify, and game of survival image artist, music, and ruelle image

10. 1-800-273-8255 -Logic + Alessia Cara + Khalid

logic, Lyrics, and sad image bobby, logic, and rapper image

11. Heart-Shaped Box -Nirvana

kurt cobain, nirvana, and guitar image Lyrics, nirvana, and grunge image

12. Rehab -Machine Gun Kelly

Mature image ️mgk, flowers, and machine gun kelly image

13. 27 -Machine Gun Kelly

black and white, bloom, and Lyrics image machine gun kelly, colson baker, and ️mgk image

14. Only You -Selena Gomez

13 reasons why, clay, and Lyrics image gomez, selena, and selena gomez image

15. Reminding Me -Shawn Hook + Vanessa Hudgens

Image removed boy, guys, and boys image

16. Hold On -Chord Overstreet

final, forever, and the vampire diaries image Image removed

17. XO -EDEN

lyric, music, and quote image quotes, love, and Lyrics image

18. hate u love u -Olivia O'Brien

love, quotes, and hands image depression, I Love You, and Lyrics image

19. Lies -Marina and the Diamonds

marina and the diamonds, lies, and quotes image lies, marina and the diamonds, and sadness image

20. Teen Idle -Marina and the Diamonds

quotes, lies, and youth image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

21. Make It Rain -Ed Sheeran

Lyrics, sons of anarchy, and soa image Temporarily removed

22. Immortal -Marina and the Diamonds

heart, quotes, and forever image aesthetic, froot, and Immortal image

23. I Have Questions -Camila Cabello

Lyrics, pastel, and purple image depression, i miss you, and Lyrics image

24. Drown -Bring Me The Horizon

demons, emotions, and quotes image grunge, bmth, and quotes image

25. The Heart Wants What It Wants -Selena Gomez

heart, what, and it image quotes, fairytale, and music image

26. Trapdoor -Twenty One Pilots

lyrics music, dark white, and quotes words image art, black, and Lyrics image

27. Fourth Of July -Fall Out Boy

4th of july, fall out boy, and FOB image 4th of july, alternative, and fall out boy image

28. I'll Be Good -Jaymes Young

Lyrics, i'll be good, and jaymes young image Lyrics, song, and young image

29. Guts Over Fear -Eminem + Sia

eminem, ft, and Sia image eminem, out, and run image

30. Miserable At Best -Mayday Parade

quotes, cry, and text image encouragement, quotes, and inspiration image