Basic Info
name: Yeon Bo-Young(연 보영)
stage name: Baby
position:lead dancer,coreographer,producer and lead vocal
age:27 years old (June 17th)
Nationality: korean

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Height: 164 cm
eye colors: brown
Hair color: natural color is black but now its blond

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Personality and Facts

Positive Traits: Determined, kind, funny and caring

Negative or Neutral Traits: Intense,competitive and Authoritarian

*motto:*“Do the best. Be the Best. Being Second is not motivating”

she loves any kind of food
she play video games pretty often(with yeong)
she is the oldest of the group
she worked as a waitress once
she loves to travel



everyday and airport outfits

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Social media

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(@PYoung_ Mermaid)

close friends

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Hyunjin ,Yoonho D.O and Irene

bff of the group

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Lee Hana

that is it
bye bye

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