Hello, everybody! This autumn is golden as never and it’s the perfect time to do something great. Even though, it’s already 20th of October, each of us can have some cool activities. To make it easier, I have a few ideas for you.

Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image

* Have a horror (or any other if you want) movie night with popcorn and pajamas.
* Make a floristic composition with leaves.
* Try any pie recipe.
* You don’t have to wait until Christmas. Cook something sweet and visit your grandparents or lonely neighbour. Just make them smile again!
* Carve a pumpkin.
* Make new Halloween costume.
* Have fall photoshoot.
* Challenge yourself: read at least 3 books or watch at least 6 movies this autumn. Of course, change the rules as you want.
* Organise a table game night with your friends.
* Visit country or town that is breathtakingly beautiful in autumn.
* Donate to charity.
* Look over the old books you have. If there are any of them you won’t need anymore, give it to someone.
* Memory jar works not only in summer. Make one for autumn season too!
* Walking in the park is must-do.
* Try things you’ve never done before.
* Start volunteering at pet shelter.
* If it’s possible, visit different food spots in any town.
* Writing challenge: 15 stories about autumn-ish things (“Tale of Mr Pumpkin“, “Halloween Story“, “Why Are Leaves Colourful in Autumn?“, etc).
* Fall is all about melancholy. Go to jazz concert, visit art gallery or meet your old friend at cozy bar. These little things will give you a special autumn vibe.
* Decorate your phone case.
* Internet is ready to explode from all of the ideas of DIY crafts. Try some of them!

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And the list is done. I don’t know about you, but for me autumn is when I’m baking an apple pie, listening to slow old songs and looking how it rains. What does the fall mean to you?

From my blog: https://cinnamonroll394.wordpress.com/