Hello guys, I started to workout again and I found it really hard to stay consistent to go to the gym if I didn't have a schedule to follow. I decided to create a weekly routine where I work on a specific muscle group once a week. While creating this routine, I decided to do the maximum amount of volume for the muscle group once a week and rest that muscle group while working on other muscle groups, allowing those muscles to grow and repair themselves as I focus on other parts of my body and rest that worked muscle. I try to limit myself to only One hour of workout and 15 minutes of Cardio/ hit workout that way i limit my rest time and get the most out of my workout.

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I'm not a professional and I don't study any workout related programmes, but through helping myself and my friends to workout and stay fit at university this is what we do.

I start with 5 minutes running as a warm up and stretches then I do 10 reps x 3 sets for each exercise .

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Monday ( chest) Machine flies, Push-ups, Dumbbell bench press
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Tuesday (arms) Bicep curls, Triceps pulldowns
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Wednesday (back) Lateral pulldowns, Back rows, Sumo/ conventional dead-flies
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Thursday (shoulders) Shoulder press, Plate raises, Cable lateral raises
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Friday (legs) Squats, Leg Press, Calf raises

Close it off with High intensity intervals (HIIT) & ABS

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HIIT (8 rounds everyday of workout ) I choose to be active for 20 sec and rest for 10 sec while doing Jump rope, jumping jacks, high knees, cross body mountain climbers, burpees, lunges or any type of cardio, then I do ABS
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Abs Leg raises, Crunches, Ankle touch, Planks, Flutter kicks
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Lastly its really important to eat nutritious food after, therefore i fuel up with a good amount of protein (either from meat or vegetables) and a lot of water. REMEMBER to always start with a small weights(if you decide to use any, whatever your body can handle) and increase over time. if you are a girl and scared of doing weights cuz it will get you bulky do not worry we don't have enough testosterone hormones like men to grow that huge :)


follow my fat burning collection for more workout challenges/ routines. Good Luck on your Journey!