Basic info
name: Lee Hana
stage name: Hana
position:dancer,vocal,visual and producer
age: 26 years old (June, 12th)
Nationality: Korean/Australian

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Height: 155 cm
eye colors: brown
Hair color: curly brown hair

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Personality and Facts

*Positive Traits:*Funny,Adventurous,Balanced,Charming,Courageous and Daring

*Negative or Neutral Traits:*Aggressive,Competitive and Stubborn.

motto: “You may fall so many times, but always stand up!”

she is afraid of the dark
she knows how to speak english and chinese
is a photographer as a hobbie
she is the smallest on in the group
knows how to play the keyboard



everyday and airport outfits

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Social media

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close friends

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Gowon and Nayeon

bff of the group

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she has a cat called Elly

that is it
bye bye

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