happiness; something you feel often, something you love, something that scares you.

happiness is very important, it defines you, it makes you who you are. where does that happiness come from though? other people? books? movies?

happiness is so fun and adventurous. at the end of the day, your mouth is hurting from smiling and laughing. your phone still has 100% charge because you’re living in the moment with everyone around you. why is it so fun? why do you feel this way?

happiness is scary. what will people think about my laugh? is it too loud? should I not laugh because my laugh is so loud? stop thinking about those things now. take some time, laugh out loud and appreciate the fact that you are actually happy and have something to laugh about.

you are you and that is amazing. never switch up the things that make you happy because they are all amazing. never stop laughing because your laugh is too loud. you are amazing and beautiful and loud and outrageous and crazy and hilarious and, most importantly, you are loved.

happiness is easy. Think of a joke your dad told you, think of a friend that made you laugh, think of a memory with someone you love, think of that cute boy that you saw walking down the street yesterday, think of a cuddly kitten sitting next to you while you talk to your best friend on the phone, think of the last tv show you watched, think of something your grateful for, think of the sunset and sunrise and change of seasons. now you are happy because you thought of all of those things.