hiya dolls!♡

there are so many places i wanna visit & i'm starting to lose count!! here's a list of places i wanna visit :)


i would love to go to paris, even if it's just for a weekend. in paris, i would visit 'nina's', a tea room based around marie antoinette & make sure i try some laduree. most of my time there would be spent shopping & i would wanna see a paris fashion show & visit some museums. specifically, i wish i could stay at the ritz carlton or hotel plaza athenee.

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i wanna go to new york so bad. i wanna see anastasia (a broadway musical) and walk around times square. a lot of time here would also be spent shopping, & i wanna go at christmas time so i can skate on that famous ice rink & see the huge christmas tree. i would also love to visit during new york fashion week tho!

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japan is so beautiful. i know i say i'll shop a lot, but japan really is incredible. the cities there look crazy... i don't think my bank would be happy after me visiting japan lol! the amount of japanese candies & plushies i'd pick up would be ridiculous ahhahaa. the views are stunning, i wanna visit mount fuji so bad! if i ended up going to japan, i would definitely visit tokyo. tokyo is the prettiest city imo.

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L.A ♡

L.A has been on my bucket list for a while! there are too many things i'd love to do there. i wanna see the hollywood sign, shop at rodeo drive, visit santa monica pier, go to L.A disneyland, walk the walk of fame & more. i also would love to visit palm springs.

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i don't know what it is about australia but i'd love to go. i'd love to see the great barrier reef and scuba dive or snorkel & watch something at the sydney opera house. i'd also like to see fraser island.

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i found out about this place when loads of beauty gurus went there. it's BEAUTIFUL. here i would just relax & explore! feel a bit like moana u kno?

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i know this is a bit strange, but i would honestly love to go. i have a big love for k-pop, & i just think that i'd feel really happy there, knowing i'm closer to idols. i wanna visit busan, a beautiful city with amazing beaches, parks, lots of shops & museums. i would also kill to see seoul. i mean, this place is incredible. korea is also very good for easy travelling & lots of dancing & singing on the streets.

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