So today marks a week of this challenge ! And I'm kinda loving the challenge of the day which is:

list ten songs you are loving right now

(yes I'm trying new stuff haha)

So I'm happy cause I'll be able to share some of my new discoveries and also put a lot of photos and I love love that ! Again, the list will not be ranked from best to worse or the other way

Tout oublier - Angèle (feat. Roméo Elvis)

As a French speaking, I fell in love with this woman, her voice and her album instantly. There are a few songs where she also sings in English partly. I had to choose between the 12 songs on the album BROL but I'm in love with every single one of them.

angele, romeo elvis, and brol image singer image
So on the first photo Angèle is pictured with her brother Roméo, who's a belgian rapper and on the second one is the cover of her album BROL
Girls Like You - Maroon 5 (feat. Cardi B)

So this song went out a little while ago but I became obsessed recently. The message it sends is a good thing and I love the music video as well !

Behati Prinsloo, adam levine, and behati levine image Mature image
I couldn't find the image I wanted so here's Adam Levine with his wife Behati and also Cardi B, I like the version where she's featured in better.
goodnight n go - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been my favorite singer for a few years now and it took some time but I fell in love with most of the songs on sweetener but goodnight n go is my favorite (from the new songs, otherwise I also love giaw & ntltc)

ariana grande, smile, and ariana image album, cd, and girl image
Ariana on the DWT and the cover of her new album sweetener
MIA - Bad Bunny (feat. Drake)

I love the vibe, love that it's in Spanish, love that it features Drake ! I've always appreciated Bad Bunny that I've discovered on a featuring with J Balvin. It's a nice song that makes me want to move my shoulders side to side. And I like the title "mine"

Drake and bad bunny image Temporarily removed
sorry I just think the photo is perfect for the song but I couldn't just leave one photo so here's the same photo, twice.
All Over You - Majid Jordan

I love love these two ! When I saw that they came out with this new song I quickly became obsessed. It's groovy, it makes you wanna dance and I can't not move my head while listening. They're amazing singers and you should check "OG Heartthrob" out !

Image removed Image removed
they always put me in a good mood ♡

Okay so I'm now realizing that it take a lot of time to do all that so the next 5 songs will just be simply listed and if I can I'll add a little photo or I'll just make a grid at the end !

Blanket Me - Hundred Waters
  • this song makes me cry, but it's just so good, you've got to listen to it to really experience how it feels
Shotgun- George Ezra
  • love his voice, love the song, love the man. will not make you cry !
Bunkoeur - PLK
  • this one is for the french speaking people ! He's a young French rapper who just made his debut album and this particular song is quite sentimental. love the guy !
Seasons - 6LACK (feat. Khalid)
  • this song calms me down and Khalid's part is just... ♡ Both their voices make this song unique and amazing !
Lucky Strike - Troye Sivan
  • I love his new album and I find his voice beautiful. The song has a nice vibe to it and makes me move my head (that's a criteria: if I like the song, my head moves while listening)
music and george ezra image panama bende, polak, and plk image king, wallpaper, and underrated image Temporarily removed Image by ˗ ˏˋ tired ˎˊ˗ flowers image
couldn't find any image for hundred waters, but here are george ezra, plk, 6LACK, khalid and troye sivan. Only now I'm realizing I mostly listen to guys recently haha !

AND THAT'S IT ! It took me so long but it was fun to do.

See you tomorrow !

love, Jess ☾