Okay so winter is coming around or for some of you it might already be winter, but everytime winter is here i have a few essentials which i always have around me.

essential 1. really soft throw blankets
in winter it gets a lilttle chilly outside speacially in the nights, so my biggest essential has to be soft blankets, this might sound cliche but the thought of rolling up in a extremely soft blaket with cool breeze coming threw the window in front of me, and me holding a cup of warm hot chocolate or coffee.this is one of the most perfect thought in my mind.And this thought will always be incomparable to anything.

essential 2. cadbury chocolates
I cannot stress enough on how much i love these chocolates, i am just gonna say, yes i have a sweet-tooth, but i mean i just can't control myself when there is a box of cadbury chocolates in front of me. especially in winter i mean its just perfect its cold out and i'm snacking on cadbury,not the healthiest but definitely gets me in the winter vibe.

essential 3. scented candles
scented candles, are my literal obsession i mean honestly they just set the mood for every season ever. also as soon as you walk in to a bath and body work store in any season its like you can feel the season its honestly magical. and this magical feeling leads me to stock up on scented candles!

essential 4. netflix
i know this is super basic, but it's a must netflix has so many amazing shoes and movies ,from rom-coms to thrillers and classics. so of course binge watching my favourite shows on a winter night is what im always grateful for! here some shows i have been loving:

1. gilmore girls
2. good girls.
3. full house
4. pretty little liars
5. stranger things
6. jane the virgin

okay! so that pretty much wraps up my winter essentials.
thanks for reading, much appreciated!
also i am in shock we hit 140 likes on my second article
thank you guys so much!
keep reading.