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My Articles

1.Sneakers or high heels?

vans, shoes, and black image vans, shoes, and sneakers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It nike, white, and shoes image
Sneakers definitely

2.Cat or dog?

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, puppy, and cute image puppy, animal, and dog image Image by 💫
To be honest, I don’t really have a preference, but since I’ve never spent much time with a cat, I’ll say dog

3.Pancakes or waffles?

Temporarily removed food and sweet image food, nutella, and chocolate image food, chocolate, and pancakes image
I’ve never had a waffle, so pancakes

4.Hot chocolate or coffee?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and pumpkin image coffee, chocolate, and drink image
Hot chocolate, I don’t really like coffee

5.Morning or evening?

city, light, and autumn image beauty, cozy, and evening image clouds, wallpaper, and windy image amazing, background, and beauty image

6.Summer or winter?

beach, palm trees, and palms image Greece, travel, and santorini image travel, summer, and beach image beauty, cozy, and evening image
My conception of summer and winter is a bit different since where I live the seasons don't really change that much, but I guess summer

7.Love or money?

love and couple image cute, love, and bear image wolf, animal, and baby image Image by Tuyet Nhung Ngo
Love, but not necessarily a romantic love, a lot of things can also give you love

8.Book or movie?

autumn, book, and fall image book, candle, and autumn image book, aesthetic, and coffee image autumn, book, and coffee image

9.Chocolate or vanilla?

Temporarily removed food, ice cream, and tumblr image brownies, chocolate, and food image Temporarily removed
Chocolate, no doubt

10.Roses or daisies?

flowers, white, and bouquet image flowers, book, and coffee image daisy, beauty, and cute image flowers, hair, and braid image

Have a lovely day everyone! Hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know If you have any requests for my next articles...