Theodora Shadowmend



eyes, eye, and blonde image girl, pale, and grunge image
i'd have flashing violet eyes, and bewitching white blonde hair.

my house:

forest, house, and witch image witch, autumn, and dark image
i would have a house that'd be located in the abandoned forest, even in the sunlight it would look scary.

my style:

dress, photography, and aesthetic image dark, ghost, and girl image
my signature color would be a soft white.


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed mirror image beautiful, fairytale, and fantasy image
Esmeralda Thornhill and Elspeth Addington.

my hobbies:

book, vintage, and old image love, potion, and love potion image Image removed stars, crystal ball, and light image
reading books and making potions.


cat, animal, and black image cat, black, and animal image
a black cat named Midnight.

i hope u enjoyed reading this article as much as i enjoyed making it, goodbye people!

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