Basic info
Birth name: Park Sun-Hee
stage name: Yanni
position: songwriter, lead dancer, subvocal
age:22 years old (May, 15th)

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Height: 167 cm
eye colors: honey
Hair color: she has natural black hair but now its blue

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Personality and Facts

Positive Traits: Wise,Understanding,caring, Studious and Strong

Negative or Neutral Traits: Impassive,Impressionable and Strict (most with herself)

motto: “Everything you can imagine is real.”

maeknae of the group
she worked really hard during her trainee days to improve her vocal skills
she crys very easily
she is very good at craft
Likes cartoons


everyday and airport outfits

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Social media

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close friends

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seulgi and Tzuyu

bff of the group

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Kim Hyun Jae

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