October is a well-known Halloween Season a.k.a the best time of the year for all the people who love to have fun and all kinds of scary stuff. In this Halloween festive season I'm going to list out my Halloween movies marathon list that I watched and about to watch before this month ends! Halloween has long inspired some of the scariest films of the year.

Here are my Halloween-themed movies must-sees!

1. It Follows (2014)

Mature image movie, 2014, and maika monroe image movie, 2014, and maika monroe image movie, 2014, and maika monroe image
This indie horror film twists the consequences of sexual intercourse with a deadly horrific and supernatural touch. This film has a different light of horror genre, such a fascinating way to execute the film. This film was also cinematically brilliant, making it aesthetically pleasing to watch. It Follows and the amazing Maika Monroe proved that horror movies doesn't have to be dumb to scare people (8,9/10)

2. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Image by Ronni mills Abusive image horror, movie, and the cabin in the woods image movie and the cabin in the woods image
A set-up stage to imitate a horror movie scenery and a stereotypical group of friends terrified to death by these demonic presence that are controlled by the people in charge. Still filled with sardonic humor and chilling jump scares, The Cabin in the Woods may seems like a typical slasher film, but it's so much more than that. So so so much more twisted and complicated than what it seems to be. The plot zig zags and will got you thinking "what the heck is happening?!" (8/10)

3. The Strangers (2008) .

the strangers, movie, and horror image 2008, movie, and the strangers image Abusive image 2008, movie, and the strangers image
A thriller, slasher film that'll leave you shaken to the bone. This movie was shot in a very simple way buth will linger onto you long even after the movie ends. No silly ghost crawling or levitating, just three psychotic humans in creepy mask terrorized a couple because they were simply "home". Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman performances in this movie were absolutely breathtaking and convincing. The Strangers (2008) is an absolute Halloween must see! (8,5/10)

4. The Babadook (2014)

book, drama, and horror image Temporarily removed fairytale, horror, and horror film image black, dark, and horror image
This Australian thriller horror movie is about a single parent raising her difficult son alone who starts to talk about a monster under his bed and inside his wardrobe. The brilliant cinematography made this movie even more terrifying. The plot is very good and scary, Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman also gave out outstanding performances for their roles, making the sinister portrayal of a possessed woman and a troubled young boy very much convincing. One of the best horror movie that goes unnoticed. (9,2/10)

5. Practical Magic (1998)

sandra bullock, Practical Magic, and witch image Nicole Kidman, cat, and Practical Magic image beautiful, gif, and Nicole Kidman image Image by silent confessions of a cave lion
Practical Magic checks out all the Halloween-themed material movies. Except, it's also checks out all of the romcom movies material. Wrapped in a light tone, making it one of the fun Halloween-themed romcom movie that's very enjoyable. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play witches sister, who tried to cover up something sinister that they did. Until, a crime detective come barging at their door and one of them sisters cracked in love. This is not your average witches movie, it's illuminate this genre in a new kind of light. (7,5/10)

6. Donnie Darko (2001)

donnie darko, movie, and jake gyllenhaal image frank and donnie darko image Image removed donnie darko and sky image
This masterpiece of work is much more than your average standard scary movie. This movie tells a story about a troubled teenager Donnie who earns visions of a six-foot tall rabbit named Frank telling him that the world as he knew it are about to end. Wrapped in a much broader theme, halfway through the movie you'll be unsure of what exactly going on. Needs a little extra attention here and there to actually understand it, but overall it's a genius kind of story ever told in a cinematic universe. We'll escape into Donnie Darko's mind and deeper into this strange universe. This is not a horror thriller kinds of movie but a movie brilliantly executed to jab one of life's big mysteries. The best Halloween-themed movie ever created and is an absolute must-see!. Jake Gyllenhaal is the brilliant Donnie Darko, you'll rellate to him at some point of the movie. (9,5/10)

to be continued