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Whether you are feeling empowered or unmotivated, you are probably going to survive until the beginning of the weekend. But remember this: don’t wait for the weekend to have fun, don’t wait until the summer to enjoy yourself. Love & live your life now. You are the one who’s living it and you are the one with the ability to make it worth living.

But you know what else helps you to endure the uneventful days passing? Good books. If you are a bookworm yourself, let me know by leaving a heart or a reaction on this article!

I surely know something about how magic to get lost in the pages is, since I already wrote a couple of articles about them:

Go give them a go! Maybe we have similar tastes, or you may find some new title or author you’re going to enjoy.

But the article I am delivering to you this week is about books... perfect for fall. In my opinion, there are few activities as cosy and heart-warming as reading an old paperback while laying under a blanket. And it gets even better when there is a nice fire crackling in the fireplace, a scented candle spreading its fragrance, and a cup filled up with a warm drink.

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But fall is the season of the spookiest of the seasons, because that’s when Halloween takes place. So here we go: a little list of authors and books that will make you feel chills crawling up your spine!

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Shirley Jackson

Let’s start with a female writer, shall we?

Shirley Jackson is one of the most acclaimed horror writers. She lived during the first half of the 20th century, and is hailed as a master even by today writers of the same genre. She composed a number of short stories, the most famous of which is surely “The Lottery”, and some novels. Inspired from one of her most acclaimed works “The Haunting of Hill House”, Netflix has recently produced a series. Give it a chance! I recently started watching it and I feel very intrigued.

I also feel like suggesting two other titles: “We have always lived in the castle” explores the feelings of Merricat Blackwood, a woman acquitted of the murders of almost her whole family. The feelings of anxiety and anguish coming from this book are way too real...
But the book that really made me think ‘This lady can write!’ is “Lizzie”, a novel that revolves around Elizabeth, a young woman who suffers from a terrible case of multiple personalities. Each chapter is written from a different point of view, and keeps challenging the reader and his or her perception of the events.

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Stephen King

King is probably the most famous horror author, the first one everybody comes up with when thinking about this genre. Because of this, I chose to leave aside the most popular works. While “It” and “The Shining” are surely excellent works, I will give a short list of my own personal favourites.

“Carrie” is probably one of the horror books that I would recommend to a young audience: the main characters of the story are teenagers going to high school, so it would be pretty easy to sympathise with the events described in the book.

Other works that I personally really enjoyed are “Needful Things”, about a mysterious shop appearing in small town that sells cryptic artefacts for a way too high price; and “The girl who loved Tom Gordon”, describing the days a young girl spends lost in the woods, with a monstrous creature getting every night closer and closer to catch her.

I will close the section about King mentioning his short stories, which are often in my opinion the most well-written of his many works. One for all, “Different seasons” is a collection of tales that include “The Body”, from which the popular movie “Stand by me” was inspired.

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Patrick McGrath

McGrath is more considered a master of psychological novels rather than a horror writer, but his books won’t fail from leaving a weird feeling in your soul. Once you’re done with reading the last chapter, you’ll have a feeling of witnessing something unfair, cruel, but unavoidable.

My personal favourite McGrath books are “Spider”, which travels through the memories of a weird old man, explaining what made him how he is today; and “The Grotesque”, a very strong work of Gothic fiction that revolves around a man and his butler, who share a mutual, disturbing feeling of uneasiness around each other.

A bitter personal note while closing this author's section – I read his last novel “Constance”, but I felt like he lost the magic, unsettling touch that distinguished his previous works. But I don’t want to rush a judgement about an author I have enjoyed so much, because authors are humans too, and cant’ just publish masterpiece after masterpiece.

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I hope some of the authors I mentioned in this article are going to make it in your to-be-read list. Leave me a heart or a reaction to let me know if you found them interesting!

And what are the spooky books you recommend? Let me know with a message here on WHI or on the social media for bookworms, Goodreads. I’ll leave the link to my profile – send me a friendship request and I’ll accept it!

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