Dear you,

This is it...I fell for a soul, for a brain, for an embrace and for eyes that see the world...
For when the sun had kissed the sea and I had buried my feet in the sand, my heart was already taken by the promise of us seeing the sunrise the next morning. For hours were passing so easily when counting tales about life underneath the sea...
There's always been something about the night, huh?
The eternal need to let go of who we are during the day, to all the expectations surrounding us when the light is around the definition of who we are supposed to be. The night is the quintessence of life, it's people dancing on the beach and jumping in the sea, it's you telling me that you have no favorite color for the choice was always too hard for you... The night is the unexpected, the breath of life.
And that night, I saw a lightning strike shining through my chest, for the night was for you the only time you could be yourself.
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Have I told you before that my eyes were always fascinated by the stars? by the endless inspiration coming from the movement of the sea... yet... I couldn't bring myself to look away from your eyes
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And when your lips met mine, I realized that I was losing my ability to use words, for they were never capable to depict this heat running through my bones, my head, my heart...
But this wasn't the night I fell for you... For my heart had been reluctant for so many years to feel vulnerable and so hide behind a veil of fear to be broken by the hand of someone who could make you happy
Yet, I fell and never have been happier to deeply fall for a night on the beach.
And now, when the nightfall, covering the world of that vivid promise that everything is possible, I see your face, and my heart, oh dear my poor heart, falls for you all over again...
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Thank you for reading, I hope that you've fallen in love with one of those songs and I hope that you'll fall in love with life and opportunities and that one special person!
Thank you again for reading, it means the world to me.

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This article was written by @iheardcrickets on the We Heart It Writers Team.