Name: Jonah

Age: 21

Transformation era

aesthetic, classy, and detail image french, miniature, and vintage image Image removed dress image


boy, blonde, and luke hemmings image Temporarily removed blue, eyes, and eye image aesthetic, hair, and blonde image
Red eyes, curly blond hair


lestat and vampire image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Interview with the Vampire, lestat, and anne rice image
Loose shirts, black pants and boots


Inspiring Image on We Heart It green, nature, and perfect image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Melancholic, Romantic


bow, man, and men image Mature image elizabeth gaskell, north and south, and period drama image dress, period drama, and war and peace image body, neck, and caress image Temporarily removed
As a human, Jonah was an in-house servant in a big house, until his creator, a visiting highborn, took interest in him. After getting to know Jonah, the Creator turned him and took Jonah to his own mansion, where they could stay in hiding.

Home /Nomad

castle, dark, and black and white image art and room image Image by rukasueva1427 castle, house, and architecture image
Jonah lives in his creators mansion

Human /Animal Blood

Temporarily removed Image by t blood, hands, and white image Temporarily removed


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