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-Hello guys and welcome back to my YouTube channel! It’s almost Halloween and today, for my Friday adventure, we're going ghost hunting!- I smile at the camera, hoping to be on focus. The setting is perfect, plus its sunset and sunlight cast beautiful red and long shadows in the grass around me.
I turn around the camera and start a new clip as I walk closer to the house.
-So many of you guys suggested this 1700 house for my next trip and just from outside, I can see its worth it. It's quite ruined because it has been abandoned for more than 50 years now.- I glance at the house. It's very fascinating and looks more like a castle, to be honest. And it's quite ruined indeed: the whole north side collapsed in a heap of rubble, showing the insides of the house as if it was bitten by some enormous hungry monster. Statues of crying angels guard it, blackened with moss and fallen leaves.
Plants grew wild around the building and sometimes inside it too, making quite hard to get closer. I have to fight with some greens to make my way. "Ok, guys we're getting closer," I tell the camera. It was weird at first, talking to myself completely alone, quite cringy, but I got used to it at last.

The outside walls are covered with menacing graffiti that screams red things like "go away" or "turn around and run". On the front door, the writings go "don't open dead inside".
-So ...these nice writings are literally inviting me in. Really tempting. Anyway as you probably know already, this house is considered the most hunted house in the whole Country and even though it's quite far away, I decided it really deserved a trip. You know guys, I don't believe in ghosts nor in any form of otherworldly manifestation, never seen any in all of my explorations, but I'd really love to, so I hope this old mansion proves me wrong at last. I'm craving for some shivers-
I push the front door open with my free hand. The old and rotten wood resists a bit, but it finally opens wide with a loud noise.
I originally planned to do this trip with a few friends, but everybody was busy and I just had to record something for the channel. Anyway, I don't really mind going around alone, it's just not handy.
-Lots of you told me this is the best place to detect ghostly presences, many people heard crying noises, and some swore they heard women's voices whispering them to go away, others felt pushed down the stairs or heard kids laughing and footsteps and all kind of ghostly noises. Plus, many many people around here are sure to hear a sad melody, played on a piano, on summer nights. true or not, I really hope to record something.-

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I walk into a huge entrance, with two sets of stairs leading to the floors above. Inside, the building is as destroyed as on the outside.
-I'm sure this was a very beautiful house at the time...look, the ceiling is almost completely crumbled to the ground, but there are still bits of frescoes over there- inside it's very dark and I have to turn on the flashlight. I can see parts of angels and gods above my head, epic scenes and figures, but almost everything is lost.
-...the walls were painted too, probably, but looks like vandals covered it all in graffiti...where it's not burnt, that is-.
My foot touches something and I light up a grand piano with my torch, it lays like a dead body on the ground, tore apart and covered in dust. -Well, guess this is where the music comes from...-
An old hutch shows its insides, darkened with the signs of an old fire.
-I've read that a huge fire took place here almost 40 years ago but I can't say if the house was already abandoned by the time the fire started or if it was left after and maybe because of the fire-.
The stairs don't look very trustworthy and in some parts, the handrail fell to the floor, so I choose my steps very carefully, still recording.
There is an awkward silence, only broken by the crackling sound of my shoes on the dusty tiles on the floor.
-This place is so quiet and so...unreal-.
I'm still not scared but I have to admit this is the right place if you want to chase ghosts.
The stairs lead to a big empty room, dominated by the biggest fireplace I've ever seen. In the dim light, it looks like a round black hole, framed by inlaid white marble in the shape of women.
-guys, this is so beautiful! It's almost as tall as me, you could probably put a whole Christmas tree in here-
I turn the camera around - I think that this was a living room where the nobles would spend winter evening by the fire...or maybe also a ballroom considering how big it is...maybe parties were held...- I stop mid-sentence as I hear a noise...
I look in the dark, pointing my flashlight. It sounded like something being moved... I frantically move the beacon of light around the room, but it only shows ruined walls, rubble and broken chairs laying on the floor...
-Sorry guys I just thought I heard a noise, but apparently is just my imagination. You know the thing is I came here in quite a suggestible state, considering all the voices around this house wait, I've heard it again, now I am sure...-
It was the same noise. And it came from the other room...
-Ok guys...I think I'm not alone here...-

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The sound of something being dropped echoes once again through the empty walls. And it makes me jump scared, I'm sad to admit.
-I mean if it is a ghost it's a good thing- I whisper at the camera -what I'm worried about is that it may be a prowler or something and I am....completely alone here...well guys It's time to go and see what it is I guess...-
I take a few steps towards the noise. It gets louder as I walk and I lower the voice to the point I'm not even sure my words will be recorded -the thing is if you are watching this video I probably made home I really hope you're there watching now guys...-
Some heavy thing is moved into the other room, and something else is thrown to the ground...I walk around the corner and flash some light in the unknown room ahead.
And I see...a girl?
I breathe heavily: no prowlers and no ghosts. I can't hide my relief.
She's bent over, looking for something on the ground and moving things to search the floor.
-Hello?- I say, as she's got her back on me and hasn't seen me yet. She jumps a little bit, scared by my sudden voice and turns around to face me. I stop recording.
-Hei- she says with a weird accent -Who are you? What are you doing in my house?-
-Your house? What...Wait you're the owner?-
-Yes, the one and only heir, for my pleasure.- While she's speaking, she turns around to move a broken armchair and check the dust underneath it. She's wearing a weird sundress with weird dark spots on it, I can't see clearly in the dark
-Are you alright? That looks like blood are you hurt?-
She shakes on hand over it -oh don't mind that I fell and it's mostly mud. and you are?-
-No hem...I just came here to record a video and maybe take a few pictures...- I look around, very embarrassed.
-Record a video?- She asks, still not really minding me.
-Yes, you know...because of the legends and the stories of crimes and homicides. ..- I bite my tongue...I realize too late that's it's not very nice to talk about those gossips in front of the owner itself...
But she bursts in a high-pitched laugh -oh don't worry, no homicides here as far as I can tell-.
I look at her worried for a good minute, but she doesn't look like she's going to call the police anytime soon.

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-Anyway...what...are you looking for, if I may?- I ask her
-Oh, I'm looking for my necklace-
-Your necklace? Here?-
-Yes- she says moving a table away -I've lost it last time I've been here...would you help me find it? I think it should be somewhere in this room. Why is there such a mess?-
-Eehm...ok I guess...- I put away my camera and start to look around on the ripped floor but there's just dust -how is it?-
-It's a string of pearls with an emerald pendant-
-What??- I turn around to check her face "are you joking?"
-Excuse me?-
-Why on Earth would you have lost a string of pearls with an emerald pendant, here?-
-Because it's my house, maybe? I hope Jodie has found it already. ..But hush! I think I've heard a noise!-
I let out a breath. I've had enough weird noises today, this adventure trip is a waste of time...
-Did you hear that? I think it's coming from outside! - she's whispering now. I hear it too: noisy footsteps from the garden, echoing up through the house. I keep hoping it's something ghostly maybe, but the steps are too clumsy to be anything but human...
We get closer to the ripped window and look down.
-Look, over there!- She points in the direction of something in the dark and a few seconds later I can see the figure of a guy walking around the house.
-Oh, a fellow explorer...probably looking for ghosts- I say with a pinch of sarcasm, then take a few steps away from the window.
-This house hasn’t been so crowded since Christmas 1873...- then the girl giggles, still looking outside -he heard your steps and turned around to look where they came from! Hey, I've got an idea: why don't we make him think he really got something? -
-What do you mean?-
She leans out of the window, took a deep breath and let out the sharpest and most terrifying scream of terror I've ever heard. I get goosebumps just from hearing it.
The guy outside turns around at the sound of the scream, I can see him getting paler from up here, and then he turns around and starts running away his walk of shame.
She laughs, covering her mouth with her hands. Her nails are weirdly all broken, not how I would picture a rich heir...

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I clap my hands -nice performance, brava. That was very....felt-
She shrugs -at least he's not getting inside and there are no chances he's going to find my necklace first-
-And is not going to help with that guy's mental health either. Or with the reputation of this house...-
She doesn't mind me and goes back to searching the room.
-by the way, it's a very beautiful house,- I say - I think you should really renovate it or something...even though I think you will need a boatload of money to do that...-
-which I clearly don't have, but if I find my necklace maybe it's a starting point don't you think? And overall...I quite like it like that...-
Well, it was her own after all...
-hey hmmm...- I realize mid-sentence that I don't know her name, but it feels weird to ask it just now -you know, I'm going upstairs to take a few pictures then I think I'll get out of your hair and head back home- the rooftop must be nice for a few photographs from above.
When I don't hear an answer I turn around and see her standing still and facing me -maybe I...- she stutters - I could come with you....?- she hesitates
-Well yes, I mean to take pictures? - I don't understand what she means
She is silent for a few seconds then blinks and turn around, back to searching for that jewel of hers -nevermind that I've got to look around here and find my necklace...-
I frow a bit, wondering if the thing actually exists, but then leave her behind

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The roof is anything but safe, it looks very thin and breakable, ready to crumble down with me if I make any sudden moves ...But I find a nice spot and I can take a few nice pictures of the city in the distance and the starry sky, which is particularly bright tonight.
When I go back downstairs I'm ready to leave -hey girl, I think I'm done here, it was nice meeting you...- but the room is empty.
-hello there?- I turn around and look for her in a few other rooms but it looks like I'm all alone... -are you upstairs?- I ask raising my voice but I don't get any answer.
Suddenly I'm feeling weird and uncomfortable once again. ..The silence is quite heavy now. I walk back to the hall: the broken grand piano and the burnt furniture is still there but there's no sign of that girl. Well, who knows maybe she found the pearl necklace eventually and just left...
I force myself to think positive and head outside. I'm surrounded by greens again and after a few steps through the wild plants I turn around for a last glance at the house: it's dark and scary as before, and completely abandoned.
Walking away, my steps are the only noise that breaks the silence.

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The next morning my ringtone wakes me up from a night made of weird dreams about dark rooms and lost necklaces.
I reach out for my phone. It's my friend Josh
-hey man, sorry for yesterday I had this date with Mary you know we're trying to fix things...-
-oh, well yeah, you know never mind- I slur my words yawning
-anyway I'm totally free today, do you want to go to that house to have a look a take a few pictures?-
-what? No, I've been there yesterday already, didn't I tell you?-
-ah, you went anyway? All by yourself? It must have been scary! Did you see any ghosts?-
-not even a bit scary! It was quite crowded actually. I also met the owner-
-the owner? Of what?-
-of the house, you know, the heir or whatever. She was quite nice like...-
-man, there is no owner, the house doesn't belong to anybody it's city's property, as far as I know-
-what? Well, That's what she told me...-
He laughed -then she was probably bugging you. You know I made some researches on that house back in middle school for a project about old buildings in the area-
-you could have told me! and what did you find?-
-well, it belonged to this Duke, back in the days, something like 1840, but he died with no heirs.-
-how is that? Not even a nephew?-
-no, and that was because one day he came back home and found the house a mess, his wife was upstairs, dead with her face disfigured, and his only daughter was nowhere to be found. He called for help and searched for weeks in the woods nearby but then lastly he decided to took his own life and hung himself in his bedroom. And the house has been hunted ever since people swear that you still can hear the duke's daughter's screams echoing in the valley at night and that's why no heir ever tried to take it or claimed it...-
- ...ew you should write books about ghosts stories man you're a natural- I say, laughing nervously. Images of the blood on the girl's weird sundress flashes before my eyes. And her broken nails. I am completely awake now...
Josh laughed on the other side of the phone - don't make fun of me I really enjoyed doing researchers about that creepy house...anyway did you hear anything weird yesterday? Man, I would have liked the trip-
-no, man, nothing creepy indeed...-
-Pity...maybe next time, what do you think?-
-sure, I've got to go...-
I hang up and jump out of the bed. I run through my room to the backpack I threw on the ground the day before. I must have recorded her, at least for a few minutes, I need to see the video and prove she was just a random girl. After all what Josh said we're just legends about the house nothing more...
I search in the backpack through old flash drives and tripods. A random thought flashes through my mind, a quote I've read somewhere that stated how most ghosts aren't even aware that they are ghosts, but I shake my head, trying to get it away from my mind. Because it's not helping at all. And at the very bottom, my fingers touch something cold and small...I pick it up and my mouth falls open when I see a necklace hanging through my fingers. A pearl necklace with an emerald pendant...

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getting in the mood for spooky *-*
this story was inspired by Villa de Vecchi, which is known to be the most hunted house in Italy :)
hope you liked it!

Juliet ♚
Juliet ♚

This article was written by @skahrlett on the We Heart It Writers Team.