Choose one bromance: Salvatore Brothers or Mikaelson Brothers

Image removed brothers, the vampire diaries, and stefan salvatore image
Mikaelson Brothers

Choose one witch: Bonnie or Davina, Freya

beauty, gif, and tvd image davina claire image family, The Originals, and always and forever image

Choose one ship for Niklaus: Klamille or Klaroline

camille, gif, and happy image The Originals, the vampire diaries, and joseph morgan image

Choose one human: Matt or Camille

gif, matt, and the vampire diaries image The Originals, the vampire diaries, and tvd image

Choose one: Enzo or Marcel

enzo, michael malarkey, and tvd image gif, tvd, and marcel image

Choose one female protagonist: Elena or Hayley

Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and tvd image phoebe tonkin, The Originals, and hayley marshall image

Choose one male villain: Lucien or Kai

Temporarily removed chris wood, boy, and the vampire diaries image

Choose one children: Little Hope or Little Josie & Lizzie

hope image the vampire diaries and tvd image
Little Hope

Choose one female villain: Katherine or Aurora

gif, series, and vampire image Temporarily removed

Choose one city: Mystic Falls or New Orleans

Image by sahara new orleans and The Originals image
Mystic Falls

Choose one little brother: Kol or Jeremy

actor, gif, and The Originals image boy, tvd, and Hot image

Choose one werewolf: Tyler or Jackson

tvd, michael trevino, and tyler lockwood image actor, car, and photoshop image

Choose one "evil" brother: Niklaus or Damon

klaus, joseph morgan, and the vampire diaries image ian somerhalder, damon salvatore, and gif image

Choose one "good" brother Stefan or Elijah:

paul wesley, the vampire diaries, and tvd image daniel gillies, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image

Choose one friendship: Alaric & Damon or Marcel & Klaus

ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, and tvd image klaus, and, and marcel image
Alaric & Damon

Choose another friendship: Bonnie & Elena or Hayley & Rebekah

Temporarily removed family, girls, and The Originals image
Bonnie & Elena

Choose one blondie: Caroline or Rebekah

candice accola, flowers, and tvd image H2o, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image

Choose one wedding: Freya & Keelin's or Stefan & Caroline's

The Originals, keelin, and freya mikaelson image gif, ian somerhalder, and kiss image
Stefan & Caroline

Choose one "underrated" ship: Bonenzo or Kolvina

Temporarily removed danielle campbell, The Originals, and nathaniel buzolic image

Choose one show: The Vampire Diaries or The Originals

the vampire diaries, tvd, and season 6 image gif, Logo, and The Originals image
The Vampire Diaries

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