Basic Info
Birth name: Kim Hyun Jae
Stage name: Sapphiere
Position:main rapper,lead dancer, mom of the group
Age:23 years old ( March, 24th)
Nationality: korean

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Height: 164 cm
eye colors: brown
Hair color: it was pink but now is her natural color ( light brown hair)

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the first picture its her now.


Personality and Facts

Positive Traits: caring, smart, loyal, determined and persistent

Negative or Neutral Traits: Big-thinking,Complex and too much Emotional.

motto: ´´If you think positive
positive things will start to happen in your life´´

she loves Disney movies.
she has a sweet tooth.
Is the mom of the group.
was on theather classes when she was a student.
She says that Park Sun-hee is her soulmate.
She loves pink
Can speak korean, spanish and english.



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Social media

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orange/peachy feed (@<sapphiereKIM>)

close friends

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Hoseok, Sana,chanyeol and yoona.

bff of the group

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Park Sun-Hee
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Pets she has a pug called Nina.

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