Hey, guys again!
Last time I wrote an article was right before my laptop broke down and I got it back last week when I had lots of quizzes and homework and I couldn't write but here I am. last time I told you that ill is writing to all the girls I loved before but I got the idea why not twist it a bit and make to the girls I look up to and here you go.


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Dear mom,
I don't really know how to put what I want to say into words but ill try, you are the person I look up to the most because you inspire me by how strong you are handling for girls and their father and always giving, we will always try to give back to but it will never be enough. Nothing you say or do while you're tired will change the way I look at you (not at the moment, sorry). Only God knows how much I love you, thank you for everything.
Your daughter


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Dear grandma,
I know you'll read this because you are not really into that stuff but I will still write this to you, the kindest most humble, beautiful person I know you have a heart of diamond, not gold the purest soul you are honestly the best grandma I've ever met you are great and I really hope you've lived and continue to live the best life you deserve to have.
Till we meet again,
Your loving granddaughter

Selena Gomez

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Dear Selena,
You are the famous person I really look up to you have a smile that is just so soft and kind that makes me want you to always be happy you inspire me to see the good in people and focus on positivity I really love you so much. Hope you get better soon.
Take it easy,

Emma Watson

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Dear Emma,
Hermione is the first character that inspired me to be strong, independent, and work hard for the things that I believe and to hold on to the people that helped me the best person. you are an incredible person not just as Hermoine but as you inspiring feminist with a very brave kind smart, thank you for being you (+ Hermoine)

Millie Bobby Brown

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Dear Millie,
Since I watched stranger things you became one of the people that really inspires me, you are the same age as I am but you make it look so cool and powerful yo do many things stand up for and support the things and people you truly believe and that is amazing. I really wish that one day I will meet you and so half the things you've done so far.
All the love and support,

More inspirational women

1)Oprah Winfrey
2)Malala Yousafzai
3)Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Ashleigh Murray
5)Julia Roberts
6)Demi Lovato

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