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Via is americain girl, who lives with her grandmother in Spain since the disappearance of her parents.


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Brown eyes, brown hair, thin, tanned skin


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Via is a determined girl who never gives up. She is generous and trustworthy.


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listening to music, draw, take pictures, classical dance


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grunge, street


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Via studies in Elite high school thanks to Marina's parents.


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Marina was her best friend, they have knew each other at the age of 4. Marina and Via was inseparable.
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Omar, Ander and Christian are very good friends of Via.
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She gets on well with Samuel, Nadia and Guzman.
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Lu is jealous and arrogant, she thinks herself superior to everyone with its wealth when deep down she is sad. Carla and Polo are kids of rich, they seem discreet but they are mingled with dark affairs. That's why Via doesn't like Lu, Carla y Polo.


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Via has helped Nano to get out of jail, she is always at his side.

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