Healthy eating lifestyle, some breakfast ideas and other ways of keeping yourself healthy

Eat a bigger lunch and breakfast to get energy for the days doings
A good meal rhytm, eat between every 3-4 hour
Find alternativs for sweet
- Fruits, yogurt, almonds
Do not overeat, you will only feel tired and terrible
Eat a bit less carbs
Eat less of sugar, white carbs like rice/pasta/potatos
Be physically active, at least 30 minutes every day
Drink at least 2 bottles of water
Do not drink your calories
Eat smaller meals in the evening and easily digestible ones.
Eat lots of fiber
Be at least 30 minutes outdoors every day
Fix a good sleeping routine, get at least 8-9 hours
Hot water with tea and ginger
Avoid white flour, cakes and sugar in the week days
Go to the bathroom when you have to, always
Do not eat in between meals
Walk/bicycle to every destination you have the posibility to

Some breakfast recipes <3

Banana pancakes

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A healthier way to make your pancakes and just as delicious!

Smoothie bowl

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Use your favourite fruits, berries and even vegetables and mix it with either juice or yogurt.

Whole wheat bread, crispbread and sandwiches

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This is a very common breakfast in Norway. Actually both for breakfast, lunch and even in the evening we eat bread with all types of toppings. It can be ham, cheese, cream cheese, avocado and eggs. To make it even more tasty(also better looking) top it with vegetables like capsicum, tomato, cucumber, salad, sprouts etc.
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And for the ones who would like a real fat sandwich, mix it all together with example eggs, chicken, bacon, avocado or salmon.


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My favourite breakfast! Made with milk and mixed with all different toppings

Omelet with vegetables

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A good and tasty way to get your proteins


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Mixed with berries, nuts/seeds, honey, cinnamon, there are plenty of options.

Hope you liked it!
Xoxo Evelyn <3