this will be a quick serie of 1 article / day for a week on the theme of self-love :)

i thought i was ugly.

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for a looooong time, i really looked at the mirror thinking i was ugly. bc, well, i'm not fitting the norms.
i'm fat (i love to eat), my hair is a mess, i have acne, & i'm totally not the ''pretty'' type.

& when you start seeing your friends dating and all, you think you are the problem and you are ugly.
w! : you're not.

ofc medias are to blame in this too, bc i guess if i had seen more people like me on tv it would have been better, but i don't need them to understand i'm beautiful.
so, yep, i struggled with self-hate for a lomg time & i'll tell you it's no fun.

the beginning of my selflove journey

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i'll be honest, i think social medias helped me the most in this journey.
reading article & seeing people with non-regular bodies made me see the world in another way.

i started to understand that beauty is not abt standards & norms, it's abt what you decide to find beautiful.

so i looked at the mirror and started, days after days, to like my body, a little bit more each day.
it's a long af journey, but it's definitely worth it.

now, i do find myself beatiful. and the coolest thing is, i also find all the humans beautiful. bc when you discover another way of beauty that medias don't show, you see that beauty is everywhere.
it is in the fat, thin, white, black, acne & stretch marks,...
it is your power to decide to find yourself beautiful.

here are a few tips to help you :
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  • set little objectives.

see what you don't like on your body. then, look for people who have the same thing as you and who you find beautiful too. look at it in the mirror for 5 minutes and look for the beauty in it. get used to it.
(it's going to take some time but you'll start liking it)

  • surround yourself with positive images.

don't follow on social medias people your jealous of, people who makes you feel bad abt yourself. instead, follow people who makes you feel good and put a smile on your face. days after days, this will have his impact.

.focus on the good.

we all have little things we don't like abt ourselves but we also have good things. the problem is we don't focus on that.
i have many acne scars but i also have a cute af nose. guess on which one i focus all the time ? why ? bc i'm stupid. but i'm working on that, i'm trying to look at my nose more.

  • stop comparing yourself.

this brings nothing good. just bc a someone is really pretty doesn't take any of your own prettiness (is that a word?).
so when you see smn pretty, just think they're as pretty as you, just in a different way.

i hope you liked this article, hope it made you feel better
*take care, love you <3*

some song rec. abt self love :

- epiphany . bts (jin)
- scars to your beautiful . alessia cara
- slut . bea miller
(the whole ly : answer of bts)

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