1. Who do you love more, your dad or your mom?

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Honestly, if I knew my dad a little better I would pick him just because I think he's pretty cool but my mom deserves all the credit for raising me.
I love you, Mom.

2. If you could kill someone without getting caught, would you?

I actually would love to kill someone, if it's necessary. However, the real question is whether will I be able to carry out the act of ending someone's existence, I highly doubt so.

3. Are you a bad person?

I don't know, it depends. Who is the judge of that? And how do you measure if a person is good or bad? The Governments? But he's human just like us. The Gods? Well, unless they are planning to pay a visit.
But according to my parents, which I have no other choice but to abide because they are my creator, I think I'm alright. Just slightly above the average but still going to hell (if that exists) apparently.
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4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would change my entire identity and start a new life in Europe and work as a part time contract killer, either that or, the French Intelligence. Both options are very intriguing.
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5. Would you get married to someone of the same gender as you?

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If I love her, yes.
Why is this even a question? Girls are beautiful.

6. Would you die for someone you love?

I don't know, well, it depends. For my family, definitely.
For a guy? I would like to believe and romanticise I would unquestionably without a doubt die for him. But romance aside, I hope the person I love most is myself, and will not allow myself to die for anyone too carelessly.

7. Do you support homo-sexuality?

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I support love.

8. What do you identify as?

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I have difficulties identifying myself because there isn't a specific culture or country nor religion that I feel completely comfortable at. I don't think I belong anywhere really, well not here at least. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a whole entirely different species even. I'm not delusional, I just see things differently from everyone else.
My psychiatrist define my absence as "alienating" myself. So, I identify myself as an alien.

9. White or Black?

It doesn't matter.

10. Death by water or by fire?

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Death by water sounds less painful.

11. What do you think of yourself?

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12. Have you ever been addicted to something?

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Addiction is something I struggle deeply with. Throughout my life, it has manifested in many different forms and always one more poisonous after the other.

13. Have you ever gotten drunk?

To the extend of alcohol poisoning? Sure.

14. Have you ever done drugs?

My adolescent years was filled with all kinds of vices, pretty sure one of it were drugs.

15. Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder?


16. Is it easier to forgive or to forget?

In my experience, it is definitely easier to forgive than forget. Forgiving someone is also an opportunity for you to come to terms with the problem and accepting it causing less emotional baggage for you to carry around.

17. Have you ever stolen a street sign?

No, just a bus number plate.

18. Would you ever strip or pose for a nude magazine?

Yes, for the right price and if it is completely safe and legal. I know many will disapprove of my answer and throw slew derogatory term at me, but my perception of nudity is never indecent nor vulgar, but rather, a form of art to be appreciated.
Aren't we all born naked? Every single precious new born babies? To me, with or without clothes doesn't change the person you are inside. We should embrace what we were given from the start, our vessel, our body.

19. Have you ever fallen in love?

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Unfortunately and gratefully I have.

20. Have you ever had a plastic surgery?

Not yet.

21. Do you want plastic surgery?


22. What religion would you raise your children to practice?

I do not intend to raise my child practicing any religion until he has learn and understand the concept of religion and the different religions there are after which I believe he can make the decision for himself where his faith lies.

23. Do you miss anyone right now?

I've lost people that I miss everyday.

24. Introvert or extrovert?

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Introvert with selective extroversion.

25. Money or fame?

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26. Would you rather marry someone who you don't love but they love you back or marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back?

If I had to choose, I rather marry someone who I love but doesn't love me back. Since someone has to get hurt, let it be me and not my partner.

27. Are you in a relationship?

Just got dumped.

28. Asking questions or answering them?

As a narcissist, I'd prefer answering questions, but I would be inclined to ask a question if you interest me.

29. Life or death?

Life because I'm already living and eventually I would inevitably stop at death anyways. It's not a choice.