hi! it's @restayluv but you can refer to me as tia. and oh my god guys, we hit 36 likes on our first article in 2 days!! I feel so happy. and it just keeps getting better, my ult group is stray kids and they just had their 3rd mini album "I am: YOU" and its full of bops.

side note: I'm listening to the songs as I write this, how meta?

- ok so the song is amazing and you'll def die when you hear it.
- the music video is yet to come out so I can't say much about the visuals but you can expect an update on that on my twitter (@restayluv shameless plug)

i am you
-THIS SONG. the visuals, the lyrics, the dance moves, the vocals, all of it is a piece of art.
-the music is a bop and a half. its super catchy and the "stay together, you and I" had me on the verge of tears like oKAY I WILL STOP ATTACKING ME.

편 (my side)
-this is my favorite song in this whole album. its like a soft rock song but not really.
-it kinda gave me old disney song vibes which was funny
- would've rooted for this to be the title track but the title track is still amazing.

해장국 (hangover/hero's soup)
- hyunjin's dusky voice got me on the floor.
-the vocal team did so well in this, its like listening to angels sing
-jeongin has improved so much and his voice is almost hypnotizing.
-this song is like lo-fi and nice song to just listen to. 10/10 would recommend.

get cool
-I was expecting it to be a kinda badass song but its so upbeat and fun and suits jeongin so much omg
-im livid this song is so fun and happy it just puts you in a happy mood.

극과 극 (n/s)
-the beat is amazing, omg 3racha get it.
-the low "ay ay" got me cackling
-"stray kids going fast or slow"
-felix with that deep voice yes.
-this is a great song for rap lovers.
-the rap line did so well wow

-basically 0325 is the date of when they debuted, and in one vlive chan hinted that he would name a song after that.
-the song is overall great and meaningful. again 10/10 would recommend.

this album is really great and im glad that I preordered it, it's come next week, do you guys want an unboxing or anything along those lines? I would be more than happy to do it! thank you guys for the support on my first article. I hope you enjoyed this one. thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this!

your fav kpop stan,
@restayluv or tia