➹ The Bold Type

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One of my favourite series! It has 2 seasons, both are amazing. Three fantastic girls with the best workplace and boss, and there are handsome men too. Every episode teach us something. Don't miss it!

➹ Insatiable

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If you like satire tv shows, you have to watch it! When I started to watching it I didn't expect this to happen. I love it because there are a lot of funny, romantic and sad scenes. You can binge-watch all the 12 episodes in a weekend.

➹ Light as a Feather

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I watched all episode of this series a day. It was fantastic and the cast played well too. Some scene were bizarre.

➹ Everything Sucks!

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Unfortunatelly it was cancelled after 1 season, but it was good. An LGBTQ tv show from netflix and it's in the 90's. So cute.


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OMG I love this series! Another from Netflix. Britt Robertson as Sophia, the Nasty Gal founder. There are a lot of fun and some romantic too, but mostly fun! You have to watch it! It's just 13 episodes.

➹ Life Sentence

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Such a lovely tv show about family and love. Lucy Hale is amazing. Unfortunatelly it has just 1 season.

➹ Red Band Society

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I loved this series, it's so lovely and heartbreaking. It has just 13 episodes, don't miss it!

➹ Dead of Summer

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Oh shit this finale was fantastic, i couldn't breathe. Just 10 episodes, it worth to watch it. I love Elizabeth Lail, such a good actress.

➹ Clique

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Do you want a thriller series? Watch this! It has just 6 episodes and I couldn't stop watching.

➹ The end of the f***ing world

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One of the best Netflix tv show I have ever watched. I hope there will be a second season. I watched season 1 in an afternoon. If you haven't watched it you should. Now.

I hope you find a tv show for next weekend. Read my other articles too.