I wish I could go back to the past,
I will never do the same thing,what I have done to you.
Most errors are only there to learn from it,
and I learn,I only wanted you.

I see you are happy without me ,
that's the reason why my heart weeps without sounds.
You said that you Love only me,
but you give someone else your heart.

The only thing what I have, are the hopes,
that one day you will come back to me and said, that you make a big mistake.
I want to see you with tears and not with a nother girl.

I wish you could feel what you say,
You know, that I love you,
and I know that you love me.
There were just a misunderstanding,
but nobody care about me and my feelings.

I tell you the truth about me,
you pretend I cheated on you with another boy,
how could you do that to me,
when you are the only boy, the only thing in my live?

I am not scared of you,
I am scared of the future,
what will happen?
Do you still love me like I love you?,
How would you react, if you know how I think about you?

Show never tell,
but I know you to well.
Please take my hand and say "You are beautiful"
Please take my hand and say "You are beautiful"

I want to be the only one in your life,
and go to the city and you hold my hand,
while all the girls are watch us and dying of jealousy.

you close your mouth to my ear and whisper in my ear,
I love you,
that's just my phanatsie,
and I know it will never happen.

I told my self,
that I should continue with my live,
and no matter which people I have in my live,
everything is my own responsibility and decision.
I promised myself that I wait for you,
even if it is life long.
You need the time and I need the time..!

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(Dear people I hope you liked my first article
Love you guys 🙌❤)

- Nita
21.10.2018 / 21 : 36 Uhr