They changed the way I see things,they made me wanna do better,they inspirate me and motivate me..

1. Lara Jean Covey

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The thing that I love the most about her is that she is a dreamer,she has beautifull imagination and she is very creative. Lara is amazing role model for girls but still relatible.I love how honest she is with her family and friends.

2. Blair Waldorf

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Oh come on,how can anyone not love a Queen B. Yeah she can be a bitch sometimes but If you want to succeed in this cruel world you need to be a bit bad. Other than that she is a picture of class.She is ambitious,smart,hard working,persistent and she is one of the strongest women I ever seen.

3. Caroline Forbes

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I love her so much,she was growing try every episode,she went from shallow mean girl to strong,wise women. Caroline always have a smile on her face,she is always the one in charged,organized,amazing ,honest friend and fantastic mother.

4. Diana Prince

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She is a badass role model for young girls.

In a male-dominated industry, where male superheroes are far more common, it is awesome for a woman to come in, hold her own, and level up with the guys. Wonder Woman shows young girls that they can do everything that a man can, and just as well. (Maybe even better, if we are being honest).
She would risk everything just so she can get the justice and truth,Diana is risking her life fighting for ones that can't fight for themselfs And the thing that I admire the most about her is that even with all that power she is still good and kind.

5. Kara Denvers

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My little cutie,she always makes me smile and gives me hope that something good will hapen.She is compasionate,kind,good,positive,persistent and my rule model