hope you enjoy.

Secrets...Everyone has them, everyone has a skeleton in their closet.
If you look it up secret is "not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others."
There are many kinds of secrets, family secrets, personal secrets,crime secrets, goverments secrets...
Why do people gave secrets? Maybe they are afraid? Maybe they don't want to be judged or yelled at?
You can think that some familys are perfect,but does perfect exists? As i said earlier there are family secrets. You can think, that some family is happy, because they have money, good house, cars and smiles on their faces.Maybe they are happy...but are they always? Smile can hide many things. That perfect family may be grieving, they may have lost their child.
Secrets are everywhere. Just think about it. Next time you see someone with a fake smile or someone sad go up to them and ask if they are alright.