Youtube has turned into a huge platform where everyday, some channel is hitting a million and someone is being propulsed to fame. Even though I am subscribed to some huge youtubers (You know, James Charles, Emma Chamberlain or Jeffree Star) but I have my safe havens, people I go to when I am done with the constant "buy my merch" or brand deals and just want to laugh and feel I'm hanging out with them.

1. Grace Helbig

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She's an OG on youtube, a true "rayon de soleil" (which means sunshine in french) and is "consistently inconsistent". She makes random videos, from cooking weird recipes to reviewing celebrities' clothes on award show. I adore her personality.

2. Kaur Beauty

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She is from North Carolina and makes fashion, beauty and lifestyle related videos. She is of Indian descent and is a medical student. I love her authenticity and her reviews are honest. She also gives out college tips.

3. The Quietest Revolution (Amber Khan)

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Ok, so she does monthly tarot videos and manifestation videos on youtube. She is a gemini sun, virgo moon and cancer rising and ugggh I love her so much♥. She has a whole article written on her in NY Times. She also has a podcast on anchor called Revolution Ramblings.

4. Sarah Baska

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"Wass up Tubers!". She is so chill I love her. Her story times are so funny and I don't usually like story times but she makes them so fun to listen to. Plus, her get ready with me are so crazy! A true natural.

5. Jackie Aina

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Auntie Jackie is the best, periodt. Labroze James, Finessa Williams, she is all of them. Her reviews are honest and funny as hell. I like her bubbly personality. She is fierce and fearless.

6. Mikaela Long

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She was on vine and now she has a youtube channel. Her editing skills are flawless and she is obsessed with Kylie (Just go watch her kylie reviews, they are weird but funny)

7. Kurtis Conner

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He does reaction videos and his editing though... perfect. He is a comedian.

8. Danny Gonzalez

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Are you greg? If you don't understand, then you need to join greg, the strongest family on Youtube. He does commentary videos and funny rapping videos. His rapping videos are on point though.

9. Maddison Bush

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She doesn't have a specific style,she just makes quirky videos that are funny. Her most popular videos are her trying to follow Barbie Vlogs.

10. Racch Loves

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She does testing makeup videos and tries cooking videos too. I like how sincere she looks, she doesn't overreact or anything.

Thank you for reading ♥