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Hello beautiful people!

I hope you are having a nice start of a week!

I know I haven`t posted in a while - so I will redeem by posting three times until the end of October - I know, what is three posts in almost three weeks?

But, those won`t be just articles; those will be Confessions of a broken heart.

Confessions of my heart.

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So, without further ado...

It happened again.
Sea of guys in front of me, but every single one just faded away when I saw him.
Seeing him standing there, I became jealous not on his friends, or every girl he cast eye on – I became jealous of sunlight that got to steal kisses from his cheeks, lips, and forehead; I grew jealous of the wind for leaving traces in his soft dark blonde hair; I became jealous of the sky for being the same bright blue color like his eyes.
I hugged him for a second, and hugging everyone else I was still in my mind with him – for that second lasted so long, yet so short it aches me still.
All unspoken words went by after him.
And he went so easily – not thinking I might suffer immensely for his ice coldness.
He is so cold, but he can make me feel warm like no one else.
Maybe that is why I love winter – I hope he might give me a moment of his attention which I would carry on for months and keep my heart warm – so it at least feels comfortable while it slowly dies.
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I hope you enjoyed reading the first part.

If you want to someone to talk to, not just about a similar situation, but any kind of problem that is bugging you, feel free to message me.

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`Til the next time,
Yours truly,