At 18 years old I realized I had been raped multiple times in my life. Previous sexual encounters, which I had written off as normal, were anything but.
How could you not know you were raped?
Deep down I think I knew, I just wasn’t ready to process it yet. Being a rape victim has such a stigma surrounding it, so why own up to it when you can just hide? I was just taking the easy way out, giving up and accepting my fate. I don’t chose that anymore.
Why did you let it keep happening to you?
Each and every time was a different person, situation, environment. Each time has its own reason why, the common factor being fear.
Why are you sharing these stories now?
I’m not a Victim. I mean, I am, but not in the “I need your sympathy” context.
In order for any real change to happen, people need to understand. Ignorance needs to be wiped clean.
Maybe if people know what it’s like, they’ll stop joking about it or brushing these things off.
Maybe other girls won’t feel so alone.
Maybe this inspires just one mind to speak up, and justice is found.

>If you read all 6 parts, take a deep breath and drink some water. I’m okay and so are you. Message me anytime if you need support.<