Malorie slid a note across the long black table, passing through the hands of my classmates to reach its final destination in my palms at the other end.
“Meet me at my locker after 7th period. Antwon asked Zack to come over later too ;)”
Zack. Single, cute, weed dealer. My current crush. Butterflies filled my stomach, I am going to hangout with Zack outside of school. If he said yes, it meant he liked me.
I only have two more class periods until the bus ride to Mal’s.
I kept my head down and husseled through the hallways to Malorie’s locker.
I was met with the mischeveous brown eyes of my best friend, her ever so hilarious boyfriend Antwon, and the skater chic Zackary.
Mal and I sat near the front of the bus gossiping while Zack and Antwon harrassed the upperclassmen in the back.
The plan was to go back to Malorie’s for a bit and get ready to hangout then meet up with the guys later. Antwon’s mom wasn’t going to be home tonight. Malorie assured me that Zack did like me back.
Mal and I crept out of her bedroom window, only moments after we discovered her grandma passed out on the couch. The light blue single-wide across the gravel road belonged to Antwon’s family, we made it to the front door without a sound and the boys answered in seconds. We stayed in the tiny little kitchen, making snack and laughing for a bit. The party transfered to the bathroom, where the smoking took place.
Now, I knew about the plan Malorie told me. Zack might like me and we were just hanging out. Kind of a double date.
Antwon and Zack had a different plan. I was the payment for the entertainment. Antwon had promised Zack he could fuck me if he smoked us all out.
The plan that only I knew, I had just started my period while getting ready at Mal’s.
Thoroughly fucked up, the party ended in Antwon’s bedroom.
There, I was yet again humiliated.
Antwon had generously given Zack and I the twin bed. Him and Mal took the floor, blanket spread underneath and over the top of them.
“He does like me”
As Zack’s kisses turned from sweet to ravenous, I felt my body grow numb.
I was pinned down to the bed by his weight.
The time passed. I can’t remember those moments. I didn’t feel a thing.
After he had his way, they laughed at me.
All three of them turned to my half naked body as Zack hissed “Cheeto Fingers”.
I was on my period.
The next moment, Malorie’s grandma was pounding on the front door asking after us.
Panicked, Mal and I threw on our clothes, grabbed our things, and made our way to the other bedroom. There was a window above the bed we could escape through.
After thudding to the ground we snuck our way back across the street, unseen by her still furious grandma. We never got in trouble.
The Cheeto Finger episode was merely forgotten.

>Disclaimer: Thank you so much for making it this far, thank you for paying attention to my story. Posting this was mainly for myself, to have my stories put into the world one way or another. It’s still hard to speak these stories aloud, but each day it gets easier and soon I’ll be able to put it to rest.<