my all time favourite movies

this list of movies are not by order. couldn't really put by order, in terms of how much i love it, but these are a list of my all time favourite movies i'll recommend everybody to watch.
remember to prepare boxes of tissue papers and prepare to bawl your eyes out


Temporarily removed submarine, alex turner, and film image
submarine 2010, richard ayode
i wish there was a film to follow my every move
— oliver tate
  • charlie bartlett
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
charlie bartlett, 2007
  • leon the professional
gif, jean reno, and leon image Image removed
leon the professional, 1994
i choose love or death, leon
— mathilda
  • mulan
mulan, disney, and princess image disney, disney princess, and gif image
mulan, 1998
when will my reflection show who i am inside?
— hua mulan
  • to the bones
eli, ellen, and gif image eli, ellen, and gif image
to the bones, 2018 netflix
i just don't see the point.
— ellen
  • peter pan
peter pan, quotes, and wendy image peter pan, love, and kiss image
to the will be an awfully great adventure
— peter pan
  • silenced
korean, kdrama, and silenced image korean, kdrama, and silenced image
  • wreak it ralph
disney, gif, and wreck-it ralph image gif, wreck-it ralph, and vanellope von schweetz. image